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Anything tall. You can call in right now. If you feel like it. Go navy guests until two o'clock. We'll talk to Simon Brackley. All right. Two stories one in Saturday's. I mean, we get this right Saturdays Saturday. Saturday's no yesterday's Albuquerque journal and one in today's Santa Fe new Mexican the one in yesterday's Albuquerque journal is about the state land Commissioner. Mr dunne. Who is elected for years ago? Chose not to run for re-election. Switch from a Republican deliver -tarian party. He's out of office. He's not going to be doing anything in terms of being an office. After like January the third. We didn't really have any. No real upside here for Aubrey done stealing Commissioner. To be talking about the state. Of the Permian basin. Kevin Robinson wrote the story yesterday and state land Commissioner goes hard. Against the oil and gas industry. They gave him a lot of money pumped a lot of money into his campaign got him elected for years ago. Member all the money about Dixon, apple orchards in the. Really nasty tack ads on rape pal. Gas put in millions of dollars to get Pat lines elected state land Commissioner didn't work out for them. This time. But I'll redone in a letter to Ken MacQueen who is the New Mexico cabinet secretary of your energy, minerals, natural resources. Letter. He sent to Kim MacQueen saying basically that the oil and gas industry is not doing what they need to do. In terms of cleaning up after themselves down in south eastern, New Mexico. And I'm sure you know, up in the northwestern New Mexico as well. They're pulling millions billions of dollars worth of revenue out of the ground. Not cleaning up after themselves according redone. He blamed the oil conservation division for failing to enforce environmental regulations. He wrote in his letter quote. I have great concerns whether the OCD well conservation division is adequately performing its regulatory functions. To protect the citizens of New Mexico. He's talking about. When a gas well is played out or an oil wells played out oil companies come by and the plug the hole, and then they just drive away. They don't clean up the equipment. They don't clean up the. Filth all over the ground oil that is seeped into the dirt. They leave pipelines laying around. They just leave it behind. Now, Ken MacQueen says that none of that is true. And he sent a letter to Aubrey Don state land Commissioner saying we would be more than happy to meet with you talk about all of this. Press release dated the ninth redone insisted that the oil boom in the Permian basin has quote led to blatant disregard first day. Trust lands with companies constantly trespassing on public property without permits to conduct operations and committee numerous violations such as dumping produced water, which is water. There's been used for fracking, and is now highly polluted and toxic in some cases, dumping produced. Water lean unauthorized pipelines, damaging archaeological sites and illegally selling water. In his letter. He says quote companies would rather get in and out without going through established processes to legally access the land. The rush to make a quick buck is coming at the expense of New Mexico's environment. Our agency in the OCD need these step up to protect our state and his lands from being damaged by the California style gold rush happening in south eastern, Mexico. I'll tell you what Ryan Flynn says when we come back Ryan Flynn, the now president of the New Mexico executive record pneumatic oil and gas association for a few years under governor Martinez was the cabinet secretary for the environment..

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