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Looks good Boston to Braintree route three is clear along the south shore heading down to Plymouth rock Pacolli WBZ's traffic on the three and now here's Dave Samuel with the four day WBZ accu weather forecast and lots of sunshine today a much nicer day overall and yesterday the high fifty three degrees right on the water but it will be near sixty not far inland tonight looks like it will turn cloudy again with a little forty one more rain in the forecast for tomorrow that'll fall mainly during the afternoon with a high close to fifty degrees rain and wind on Monday factor will be cold enough for snow well inland from southern New Hampshire the western hills looks like a wet snow fall when this I. forty three in downtown Boston looking ahead to Tuesday partly sunny near fifty eight I'm accu weather meteorologist Dave Sambil WBZ Boston news radio and right now we're seeing thirty two degrees in Arlington thirty eight in and over thirty two in Avon thirty eight degrees and a few clouds here in Boston at five fifty five and it's time now for the car chronicles who knew you could make medical gallons out of air bag material Joyson safety systems is making seventy five thousand medical gallons a week at five north American plants and ramping up to one hundred thousand Americans president Donald James says they're doing this in conjunction with Ford it's a go fast project we worked up pretty quick for the transport contact us to do all the testing done design work as as well as are some of the other particulars that we had to do with our our operations it took us one week these girls are durable they can be disinfected fifty times and were tested at several hospitals before mass production started with the core chronicles I'm Jeff Gilbert CBS news it is five fifty six the family of late rapper Jews world releases the first track since his death five months ago at the age of twenty one Jesus mother announced the release of righteous on social media after the track was recorded in juices Los Angeles home he had teased at last summer the rapper died on December eighth after reportedly going into cardiac arrest at a Chicago airport his family says that the Chicago native was a prolific artist you dedicated his life to making music California is undergoing a heat wave but its famed beaches that are popular for cooling off remain closed here's correspondent Jim Forbes with that story beaches in southern California will remain closed despite the fact the heat wave is headed for the region officials said with the warmer temperatures the same rules still apply and urged residents to stay home to help fight the spread of coded nineteen public beaches and surrounding counties have either closed or have enacted strict guidelines during the pandemic and public officials in those patrolling the LA county beaches say compliance with the shutdown has been pretty high it's five fifty seven Charlie Bergeron index he has the latest update on the corona virus the death toll in how many cases reported here in Massachusetts is by fifty seven social distancing tapped from I heart radio putting distance between yourself and others is critical to slowing the spread of coronavirus so here ways to stay in contact without the physical contact part call send a text to set up a video.

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