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The burning and I said why is this happening now is there any relationship I always try to put pieces together I was a puzzle maker model maker is a little boy I was trying to piece things together I I don't like chaos I like order when I was a little boy I had to perish shoes I line them up on the my little bed and they had to be next to each other in an order they were polished and under my bed I liked what I own to be in order and clean and I like my life to be orderly and clean the best I can make it especially the more chaotic the world gets the more I need to make my world orderly so I ask myself a stupid question awaiting it kind of makes no sense what the heck the server would have to do with the riots going on in America right now and I truthfully I don't have an answer if this is a celebration of when god gave the ten commandments to mankind that we're now living in a godless world it's like I listen Gaza the Huxley title they were eyeless in Gaza were wandering around blind blind to what's going on in this promised land every one of those dogs riding in the streets is living in the promised land every last one of them is living in the promised land everyone of them every one of them has more food than they know what to eat and such they can make anything they want out of their lives to a certain extent and they could drive rip themselves up out of poverty if they applied themselves by a life for themselves and instead the vermin in the media teach them to hate to burn Chalkbeat and to riot that's what they do so what's the answer what is religion have to do with the riots in the thugs I think the answer is an exodus and you can look at anywhere you want if a man smite the eye of his bond and you may know that one that's a good one it comes down to an eye for an eye by the way and I friend I say well that's what the writers are doing it's an eye for an eye notice not no the are you for an onsite lesson here is that the homicidal maniac cop will be tried according to the laws of the land and he shall be found guilty now you may say well we'll get the death sentence not in liberal Minnesota but blame yourself for that not me I'm the one who believes in death penalty is up to me I'd given that I would try and under the law that would result in a death penalty by the way I know some of you say that never happened but you could look in an eye for an eye and I for a night got to take a break join those savage nation call now eight five five four hundred savage eight five five four.

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