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Um, we were, uh, We kind of saw this when you're getting ready for the show today, and we've been following along with this, but Mike Richards Boy, it has been up. It has been down and has been alright. He's in. Now he's out. Now He's just producing and now he's this and let's get the very latest on this. I think this is probably what would be considered the final chapter. Let's bring in From ABC News. Entertainment correspondent Jason Davidson is joining us now. Hey, Jason, How are you, Brother? Good. Well, I mean, it might be the final champ ER in the mike Richards. That's what I meant. Yeah, but remember Jeopardy. Still looking for a host. So this this they could bungle it even more, so it's very possible. We could see more issues are more problems. So for the jeopardy overall, yet still going, But for Mike Richards, probably then so Mike Richards out as executive producer, because we know that he was named The host. Then it feels like basically which I don't know that they will ever admit to. But it feels like the I don't know that the the social, the social justice mob got their way because there are a lot of people complaining, and then we saw uncovered what Don't know as some less than savory things that happened with him and then, okay, he'll step back to being producer. Now he's exiting all together. Now they are. They're sending him off, right. He's not just walking away, or do you know that correct? No. This is from because originally, when he stepped down as host of jeopardy, he put out the the memo saying, I am stepping back as host of jeopardy. That went to employees first, and then the rest of us got it. This today comes from executives at Sony and its Sony saying in a memo to people we had hoped When Mike stepped down from hosted from the host position in jeopardy, it would have minimized the disruption and internal difficulties. We've all experienced these last few weeks. That clearly has not happened so he will no longer be serving as executive producer of Wheel of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, By the way, he did is EPA both both of those shows, Boy, I'm telling you what this has been incredibly costly for one Mike Richards, right? I mean, this guy was making a ton of dough, and now he's getting nothing right now. I mean, this is going to be an amazing Netflix miniseries when it actually eventually comes out because You know, it's like the the the terrible summer of Mike Richards. Right? The August of Mike Richards. Um and it will be within 30 days He went from being you know, basically in obscurity to the host of jeopardy. To not only not the host of jeopardy, but not even the executive producer of that or wheel of fortune anymore. The ups and downs of this story are pretty incredible. And it's all because Mike Richards wanted to be in front of the camera. This. He has been behind the scenes. He's been executive producer of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune for two years Now. Before that, he was behind the scenes executive producer of the price is right. He worked on other game shows as well. But earlier in his career, he was in front of the camera host. He hosted a show called Beauty and the Geek, which were the You might remember on the CW long time ago. Uh, there are a couple other game shows on the game Show network. He was a stand up comedian very early on his career. He was he He thought he would have a career in front of the camera when at some point he realized maybe that's not going to work. Or maybe that's really hard for that. There's no stability in it. He went behind the scenes and made a very successful career as an executive producer of these shows, and so for him to lose all of that it's basically because he wanted this jeopardy job he went after the jeopardy job had he just stayed where he was. You know, we wouldn't be talking about Mike Richards right now. Well, and you know, he's just got to be, uh, I mean, this has got to be a nightmarish type situation for him. He finally gets the chance to get in front of the camera as you're putting it and then Some things that happened in the past. You know, people end up digging up and find that was with during the price is right. I believe the stuff that's in question, right? I mean, well, no, there's so there's two specific things that people are pointing to one is yes, during the price is right. When he was executive producer, there was a discrimination lawsuit right in which he was named. The whole show was named a bunch of other people as well, but he was part of it. And as it was accused of saying, and discriminating against one of the models and saying some things that were rather controversial, um and and and and pretty crude. But then so that we knew about that that only it made headlines at the time, but only because he is the executive producer of the show, But most people don't notice or care. It was in the trades. And then when he was going to get the job, and then when he got the job, that kind of resurface, But they still gave him the job. Anyway. We knew that that there are these issues, but they still gave him the job. Then after he got the job, What resurfaced were a podcast that he did? Yeah. Okay. 41 episodes of this 2013 2014 podcast in which he kind of hit out about everybody, Various ethnic groups, women, you know, he kind of sprinkled it around a little bit. There was a lot of controversy in those statements. Ultimately, his demise here. There's those things from the past, man. Um, my mbl like what is her? I mean, she's still going to be the what? The side stuff. She's hosting some like specials and different stuff like that, right? I mean, yeah, it was. It was originally positioned as kind of a co host, but it's not. She's going to do a prime time. There's going to be a prime time jeopardy series of which we don't really know the nature of that. And then some specials as well, including college specials and things like that. So she is still the host of that there was talk that they actually wanted her for the whole thing, but she didn't want it because schedule wise. It didn't work for her. She didn't want to be that committed and tied down, so they came up with this split thing. Now it remains to be seen if they have gone back to her if they will go back to her, and they can make this work or not, or, you know they're starting. She's going to be the first host of this new round of guest hosts when the new season starts next month. Yeah, interesting. There it is. Mike Richards is out. Completely disconnected now from jeopardy altogether. And the very latest on that Jason Davidson. Thank you very much. We appreciate your brother. Sure. Thank take it right. We'll see you. I think, too, that we haven't seen the last of Mike Richards. This is my prediction because there are plenty of these game show wells with with which he can go and attempt to dip into I I think there's gas left in his tank..

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