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And then this chemical trigger hits and your sex organs disintegrate and you develop new ones that's what happens to these frogs that his bonkers i could not deal you know i would i would be very upset yeah i would just not no i couldn't deal with that i have a hard time getting a new haircut i wonder if it has anything to do with the regenerative properties that some of these macy's i would say enjoy enjoy sure yeah because i know there there are other animals that have something similar to this right where the sex can change yeah yeah we can name several you know more a heels rashes i think clown fish do this even the little gobs guys my dad had some gobs before value what are they like these little fish okay they're not i don't know if that's true my dad had a bunch of fish over the years i don't know gaba actually one of them it sounded like something i remember him saying but you speak of them so fondly true makes me it makes me think of what was that old hanna barbera cartoon where with the underwater fish people that had the snorts snorts snorkel yeah yeah yeah i only ever had like i had a japanese fighting fish and if you put two of them together or like you build a mirror up to me like crazy yeah yeah because i like to fight knock i was completely wrong gobi gobs whatever they are my dad never had one of those did you just text him just talked.

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