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Like obviously the times are kind of down and everything's kind of down. I I have a song called reach for the stars and it's it's like initially when we're talking about this that I was even suggesting but like it's a song about the lyrics when you reach the stars risk it all for the chance to make it. This is a transfer about. It's a song about just it's uplifting and it's about like don't let love pass you by give love like it's just a song about doing what you want and you know doing what you love right from the start so. I think it's a positive message and these times. I think something positive like that would be good and we have a lot of deeper stuff but this would be Kinda cool risky for the chance to make this. Is What When you everything. This is a Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of set. Leszek Bruce Your podcasts. All about Bruce springsteen his music and mostly is fans but tonight. We're getting off the Bruce springsteen train though he may come up because he normally does no matter who I talked to And we're going to talk a little independent We have a independent singer songwriter. Recall joining us. And we're going to talk about her musical journey so raquel. Welcome to the show. Tell my listeners. A little about yourself. Hi thanks for having me. I appreciate it Let's see here I. I'm from New Mexico originally four degrees Santa Fe New Mexico and I went out Came out to Arizona and I've kind of never left I travel back and forth to Nashville. La and wherever my music takes me. So we don't have a big music scene here. So I kinda go more to Nashville than anywhere to do music. But I've been probably singing and writing for like at least fifteen years is when I started. So yeah it's been it's been pretty cool dream of mine forever. That is great. We're going to. We're we're going to talk a little about that. They'll be links to her website. And she has a spotify playlist than There's a chance if you WANNA kick a few bucks her way. I know she'd appreciate it if you WANNA buy some music Which is always nice in today's Day and age To actually support artists but recount. We always like to start at the beginning so talk about growing up. You mentioned growing up in Santa Fe later moving to Arizona. But when you were a young one Was there a lot of music in the house where your parents musical? What kind of music do they listen? Do well On. My mom used to play the piano piano at her house so she play. She played like killing me softly and my son and House of the rising sun not night around And she'd play like just different music that we can at. We'd listened to and then eventually we'd sink to that. Of course we have to torture anyone that came over and they had to listen to me whether we were good or not. My sister And so we grew up with that all the time so it was kind of. Nice to just have music around all the time and then When I was younger I played Alto clarinet clarinet which doesn't really help me now. Unfortunately but It was cool to just like you know. Be Involved in the music. Somehow you know looking back. I wish I had started with guitar. I mean I did take some piano well but like obviously looking at my situation now. Had I taken more guitar than that would have really been beneficial for me Now but I still right regardless without neo being able to play the guitar in a lot of melodies comfortably and I still able to write just through my background of music so I don't know I think there may be a hot jazz quartet out there that needs a strong clarify. You know clarinet like think of Glenn Miller Although.

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