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And we know that full soon the company that owns them will back them. They're probably gonna kick on an I that's got to be there in that's or else. What is this for? They are monied in a way that the other clubs aren't and they are already stretching their most against the top six. Meanwhile, from arsenal you look at it. And it's now back to back to feats against Crystal Palace against wolves. This is this is Everton the defeat only a couple of weeks ago. This is shocking stretch for them yet. It's interspersed with them taking apart Napoli the Europa league. That's the thing is you. I'm starting now. Look they are still full steam ahead for a spot in the top four. But they're avenue into a Champions League spot is now I would say almost equally split between doing it through the league and doing it through the rope leaks. Attention is probably fixed in two different places. Still that's not an excuse for how they've looked in these past couple of games against palace. The defending on the Christian Ben goal against palace over the weekend is just awful. They've got a lot of problems mainly in the back. I would say, right. But even even look at look at some of the characters that have popped up over over the last couple of days say, for example, on social media, the arsenal who got a lot of attention until ding from our own Craig Burley where he tweeted out the stats that suggest scored on Stathis had a pet her season than versus Van Dyke. You know, that was funny, you know, amusing, but he still at the club. You look at the guy who scored tonight Socrates he still at the club not up to it. Andrew they need to revamp and rebuild that entire defense. We've said that. Alright. Yeah. Look some of it though is not necessarily just on these players. It's also in the manager who selecting these players to play if you looked at the lineup that was out there for the Crystal Palace game. They're worse than head scratchers. Here's Paul mariner on ESPN FC talking about Emory's lineup choices this throw away game. So what does he do? He plays a young kid of Ripon us at the buck is not ready. So don't plan you've already go in my opinion of very pool by because Shelley kills me to say, he's been a fantastic. So just going over the little bit stuff is all over the place. Jenkinson the it was playing the kid Gwen dues going to be a good player. But he's not ready yet. So the so many things wrong with this with the settle. I wasn't sure is going to play for the, but it was going to play three. So and it came to pass because when you look at the first goal, okay? There's a guy called Christian. Ben tech is seventy four eight this guy, very very difficult. Not to mount this guy. Stuff. It gets the wrong side of a militia before the bulls comment is put his hand because he thinks been been take his off side. And as far as my stuff is concerned is but jenkinson's behind him playing everybody. Onside some what are these guys doing train it? It's embarrassing. Yes, fine. But this is something that's bedeviled arson Vangere in the certainly not who years of of the last decade. And also is now troubling Unum. Re-? He can't grow players. You know, he's probably put in one of the players that he mentioned there. He's probably paid him. Because he hasn't got any other options. You know, he's got a wit to the summer and even in the summer, go. He's got Eric coming off the bench trailer is not a defender. He's defensive center made is what I mean, my point to you is this Andrews that he's gonna have to dress this in the summer on what some of the contracts that are already tight Taito, including material. And also, I suppose that's where they're getting rid of Ramsey to free up some money. Let's see we look at some of the other top for that were in action recently Tottenham lost Manchester City over the weekend in a game where they actually played pretty well. But just couldn't quite finish that chance a second thought city. Yes..

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