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The. Change. Between Hello again everyone welcome back to ghost with the twin peaks podcast. I'm one of your co host Charles Skaggs. Waiting for ghost. Would force to reopen. Months. That and waiting. I know it's getting Kinda tiresome, isn't it? would be open if people would wear a damn mask right right, so we're not here to preach, but we kind of are we to? Wear a mask, okay? Apparently we are. Is Coming for dinner. Where a mask exactly all right so I guess we are. I stand corrected. We are here to preach. But because we went up reopen. Ghost would force you guys. We want to go outside and do all that so so everybody be responsible. Be Smart. Be Safe. Okay! All right in the meantime as we wait for everyone on the in America to Kinda, get their acts together. talk here episodes of nine. Is something that we've been waiting for to talk about for quite a while. You know we bring it up here. We bring up there and here episode seventy nine. We are finally got to talk Mulholland drive. Oh Holland drive yes, the two thousand one new noir mystery film written and directed by of course David. Lynch because that's what we do here. And You know we're going to be talking a little bit about the criteria, but mostly we're going to be saving that for our follow up episode episode eighty as we need engine a special features. But the criterion collection was released on October Twenty Seventh Twenty fifteen. We are so behind Charles I. Know Right. This is one what we spent the past year discussing the return so. Right. So that took a little while because you know, we're on a two week schedule. Anyway so? So. This is something we've been wanting to talk about. Obviously, you know there's a lot of connections to twin peaks actors in this and I just this is a film that Lot David Lynch players here and you know, and but a lot of new ones, too a lot of ones the people that he hasn't. Hasn't worked with before this one like Laura Elena, Harring or Justin throw although he worked with. Just throw later on in. Do you, do you mean?.

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