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I could barely my room to go to the kitchen to make a sandwich. I was not going six hours away college. That was impossible. So i i basically everything that i defied with. It made me all the academics and the friends and the college and all those things. I had wrapped my life around. They were gone on and my friends moved on without me. They went to school. They did their thing and here. I am sitting at home struggling to walk out on the front porch. So i'd love to talk about that. Because i wonder how many of our listeners feel that way they are watching everybody else get on with their life move forward with things maybe even hard things in frightening things and maybe feeling like they can't so how did how did that feel well and no. It doesn't have to be as dramatic as not being able to walk out your front door. Either i mean we can feel that way and be perfectly functioning and still watch people you know in our jobs in our relationships who seem to quite outpace us or leave us behind. I honestly dealing with that when i look back now. What i see is when i look back. I don't see the h- the hard so much. Like i know i went through it. But there's this overarching remembrance. Of jesus being there this over our to even when i was alone when i think about me alone in my room in my big round pakistan chair crying and no wise just happening to me. There's this overarching failing. That jesus was there even when even though at the time i couldn't feel him that's what i have now is is what i look back and see and i think that's so so important because our feelings lie to us and my my daughter had said that when she was in her real and she shared on on this podcast she would sharon now but when she was really going through intense depression and anxiety. She said she couldn't hear outside her own thoughts. Let alone hear from god and so. She felt like something was wrong with her spiritually. Because when she doesn't have the peace and joy that she hears everybody talk about right and then to she can't hear him and you can't feel them and she had to recognize that our feelings do lie to ask but scripture promises us the moment we take a step towards god. That's games for a that. He is already moving towards us. And that's my own paraphrase of it but the guy god's faithfulness is not dependent on ours and he has so much more grace and love for us than we do so much more compassionate and understanding. And i think we think he's gonna just boom be done with us but i think he has so much more grace and gentleness for us and he does and you know there's this battle in the mind and in. I'm glad i want to back up a second to before we get forward. I'm glad you brought up depression anxiety because the two are they hold hands with each other. You know you are going through this walk in. You're watching everything passed you by and you do sync into this depression and sometimes sometimes that's physical. Sometimes it's mental but they do go hand in hand and we did not realize that was something that came out years later with me that i was also depressed in among the anxiety because they just meshed so well together that we really didn't see him until in hindsight we could see him..

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