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Theo station. It is 78 degrees at 11 o'clock. Good morning. I'm calling the Castro. Two people are dead, and at least four others are injured. After being shot Friday night in Jersey City. It happened around 10 45 in the area of Creston Avenue near Brinkerhoff Avenue. It's believed that at least six people were shot in a tweet early this morning, the Hudson County prosecutor's office said. Two of the victims have died. Police say they are looking for a gray SUV that drove away from the area the wrong way down a one way street. Cops also say that there were at least two shooters. Police are investigating after a hit and run left. One man dead last night in Brooklyn Cop said approximately 10 20. They received a call of a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle a 10 77 Bedford Avenue in Bed Stuy. When they arrived to the scene, they found a 52 year old man, unconscious and unresponsive. He later died after being transported to the hospital. No word on any suspects and no word on a description of the vehicle that fled the scene. It's possible the U. S. Could approach the end of the Corona virus pandemic as we know it in the next month or so. That from chief presidential medical advisor Dr Anthony Fauci. Speaking with ABC News today, Fauci says it will happen after at least 70% of adults have at least one vaccine dose when we do get to that point The overwhelming proportion of the population vaccinated. You're going to see an even greater declined to the point where the case is on a daily basis are not of any concern, and we could really start getting back to the normality that we all crave and what we crave. Includes going to sporting events, the MBA is playoff ticket policies are promoting vaccinations. And ABC is tied and tells us that will be reflected tonight at Barclays Center and in other arenas around the league. Most of the seats of the Celtics nets match up in Brooklyn will be reserved for basketball fans who've received both doses of Madonna or five Sir, Covert 19 vaccines or the one shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine. The entire arena is going to be one Large vaccinated zone, Brooklyn that CEO John Abbott Mandy This is one small step we believe, but an important one, a symbolic one for New York City getting back and up on its feet. There will only be a couple of sections reserved for fans who are not vaccinated. Todd and ABC SPORTS New York Attorney General Leticia James is pushing a new bill that aims to spent to specify when cops are justified in the use of force. James says the proposed legislation is an effort to bring sweeping reforms to the way cops to there. Jobs, including making use of force by police. The last resort. These reforms will not only help us to hold police officers accountable for wrongdoing, but I believe will dissuade officers from using unnecessary force. In the first place, she adds. The current law doesn't require officers to try and use other methods such as de escalating the situation, giving verbal warnings or even using lower levels of force. I'm Lisa G w o R news, sports and weather Next WR News time is 11 03 present. Lyrics inspired by state farm. Surprisingly great rates, but my race like that great like that drive safe like that. I saved like that. Straight up fax. Great.

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