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I'm khloe and today we're gonna be talking about what's the new age twenty four chinese film the farewell starring aquafina and then we're going gonna be doing a retro review of another kind of familial messy. Yes dying right guy <music> film. Wes anderson's the royal tenenbaums bombs from two thousand one. I'm a bomb person from but i don't know as like noah baumbach. I'd say bomb back. That's what i would say to but <hes> knows it's because i'm american and then we maybe a little news. I don't know if there's a ton and then we do have a pretty fun listener question. Wow an old one yellow. That's you you got to reach. The mid like henry is perfect but he's never uh get you gotta read and i still can't find that darn email from the train. That's okay. I still wanna read it other person. I'm so sorry sorry now. There's still no evidence that it's really so. I need to show people. That's j- you come off will will sketchy yeah yeah. I think people. I think you made that up. It's very real. I don't think anyone thinks you made it so it's not it's not very real. The emails very yes okay anyways changed. Why would you bring that up in the morning. I don't know and i guess the first thing we should say huge. News is khloe. What did we do what we do last week ago. We did a music buds so the music buzz podcast that we've been teasing for a long time now which is essentially essentially just this kind of format but <hes> reviewing albums and artists what we do next. I don't i've no idea is officially over it. I a helicopter going over us is officially up. It's on itunes. It's going to be on spotify. Well iheartradio tune in i radio. I've yes well yeah and so. It's going to be a very easily a accessible but it's already available. If you want on the film buds dot.

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