United States, Bitcoin, Braintree discussed on CodePen Radio - #144: Integrating Braintree


The paper which is the thing that striker can't integrate with now that pay pow purchase braintree it's kind of like a tighter integration so that's that's the only reason that we chose to add that second payment provider right because we we really wanted to to get back into pay pal so is is braintree the one that takes bitcoin i know we keep joking about big and which funded or is this stripe that takes care of i'm i i definitely no stripe takes bitcoin looking at the for your customers on the brain tree but they don't they don't do bitcoin we haven't actually looked into how we could do that but i i know that is far is code bans concerned it's not like we'd be getting bitcoin i think that they would enable let through an exchange were they would take bitcoin transfer into us dollars and then transfer the us dollar's to us although it would have been very apt if we had just taken bitcoin from the beginning we see where the price is and you know so you know can't win them all i guess that's suppose now so another thing that we had had talked about not long after the braintree integration was i think it was while it was like in its final week i d founds an article from a startup called d kit which does she has no relation to where they had made the decision to switch.

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