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September four. Gino. Breaks All those crazy trump tweets. G. O.. Grad drop. Downs Lucia. The news with Gene Grad. Well things are not going well for Ron. Jeremy, and there is a very good chance. He may never see the outside of a prison cell. Again, he has been charged Monday with twenty additional sexual assault counts involving twelve women in a teen girl that date back to two thousand and four that's according to the La. County. District Attorney's office the complaint against Jeremy who earlier pleaded not guilty three alleged rapes includes five counts of forcible rape and Lewd Conduct? With a fifteen year old girl he pleaded not guilty to the additional charges. He's sixty seven. Now, he was ordered to return to court in October when a date for a preliminary hearing is expected to be scheduled. The La County Sheriff's department said a two year investigation investigation led to these charges, and if convicted to the initial charges, not these new ones the initial charges Jeremy could face a potential maximum sentence of ninety years to life in state prison. I saw something that two hundred and fifty years behind prison walls might be a combined i. saw a couple of pictures of running in. He's in right he's we have a picture. If you want to see it, I will say this year got the whole thing about the whole thing about dudes with long hair first off it's not good for prison because especially due to dye their hair and where it long at some point when you hit sixteen, just get out the clippers man. You can't keep it up because what happens is your hair is long when it gets really thin because you're losing your hair and then your. Diet and now it's like wildly. esthetically. Pleasing. Okay. Think that's his biggest problem. I'd say the jets remained part is the biggest brown. Also, I wonder like about a guy like that. He has sex with so many women so many young nubile women his entire career I mean that guy just having sex all throughout even it is sixty starring porn with twenty two year old girls wherever he kind of gets the. Because this sort a sense liking do whatever he wants. Like he doesn't like he, that's all he's been doing is banging everyone all the time for the last fifty years or forty forty years. Also. Yeah Anyway. All right. Right. Here, sad. But when he got to do and then I. Was Heat. Of drugging them was that the big deal was that wasn't the original one that there were used drugging women I thought that was the first one that's whole throwing. Part of the. Part of the story I'll let you all. Let you carry on but. Yeah Chris. If you wouldn't mind looking into that, we'll we'll move forward. Satirical French news paper in this this this might trigger your memory of because we haven't talked about it in a while we need to Charlie Hebdo that was a big headline around twenty fifteen the target of a twenty, fifteen massacre by Islamic extremists will republish cartoons of the. Prophet Mohammed to coincide with started trial for the terror attack. The Twenty fifteen attack left twelve people dead when gunmen swarmed Charlie. Does office killing eleven, employees, and a policeman in the following day's additional attacks. Five more people dead until three attackers were killed in shootouts with police fourteen people charged with providing assistance to the gunman are scheduled to go on trial over the killings that begins as we as we read this, the cartoons that depicted the prophet Mohammed often lampooned Islamic radicals the cover of the issue and we have I mean I. Can't Vol's man I gotta take the thing about I. Think about that radical Islam. There's up at in ultimately. Bottom line is people are scared. They're mostly scared. You know if you're like A. Let's just say you're some celebrity Mel and your some big dude and somebody talk shit about you and you saw them at a cocktail party and you punched him in the face, right? You would people would talk much less shit about that guy that's just how we're wired. That's how it works and if it is in fact, precedent of you go ahead and make fun of our faith we will come in and slaughter you in your work I mean it's been wildly effective like people talk about like a respect for Islam, but there's no scaring. They're really they don't Lampoon Islam, but can we really don't like people like I don't WanNa fuck and get shot I mean if you think about in a world where everything is open and we make fun of everybody all the time and nothing is really off the table certainly in terms of religion and that kind of stuff people keep walking with Islam but if there is a small chance that you could get. Charlie Hebdo D- headquarters kind of thing people are like fuck it. I'm not saying anything. And it worked. Yeah. You're right and talk about having balls. Here's a quote from Charlie. Hebdo Director Laurent Sary Su. He says all the reasons that could be argued against us like publishing these are political or journalistic cowardice. Do we want to live in a country that prides itself on being a great free and modern democracy and which at the same time gives up on asserting its deepest convictions for our part it's out of the question it's out of the question except to live in another country, another regime, another world well, I rarely say this but that Frenchman. Hero. and has balls man God. Bless you guys. No reports of drugs with Ron. Accusations have taken advantage of drunk women, which is not not the same as what I would say you got gene Hackman in. Foil Mash up writing. Enough..

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