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70 degrees and cloudy and Katie are each top tax defenders. 24 hour. Weather Center news time to No one Our top story, the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Has made a final trip to the Supreme Court. A Hearst brought Ginsberg's casket to the Supreme Court Building in D. C. This morning. A private ceremony for Ginsburg is underway before she lies in repose in the Great Hall of the Supreme Court. President Trump is blaming China for 200,000 Corona virus deaths in the U. S. Trump called the milestone a shame, but added the number could have been over two million. If the administration's response wasn't done properly. The president then attacked China again, saying they let this happen. Tropical Storm Beta is no Maurine. The cleanup is on beta clearing out of the Houston area by early this afternoon, Josh Lecter with the National Weather Service, said the Gulf will stay quiet for the foreseeable future. All is quiet and everything should stay quiet for us until Our next major system. What's probably gonna be a pretty strong cold front. We're hoping for the middle of next week. Beta dumped as much as 14 inches of rain in some spots while it was here. Checking in on Wall Street this morning. Here's Katie are each moneyman patch in with an update. Stocks are trading mixed a modestly lower with strength and consumer names offset by weakness in the tech sector shares a shoemaker, Nike or sharply higher. That's after reporting quarterly profits that were well above analyst estimates. Online sales for Nike were up a whopping 82% compared to the same time a year ago. Taking a look at the major stock indexes right now, All of them are down, but very slightly. The Dow is down 18 points. He is down 11 and the NASDAQ is down 71 points. The Eiffel Tower in Paris is back open after a bomb threat forced many to evacuate the landmark. The threat was made in a call today in tourists were among the many who had to evacuate in France's capital. A police spokeswoman says Nothing was failed despite the threat. Alamo, Pierce scored a victory with the Texas Historical Commission yesterday, The commission voted 12 to 2 against moving the Alamo cenotaph for repairs and to make way for a new visitor center and museum. The vote followed a day long public comment period. Houston Astros beat the Seattle Mariners 6 to 1 last night. The Astros and the Mariners play again tonight. Airtime is seven o'clock tonight. Right here on more news on demand at h dot com or Next update at 10 30 Breaking information as it happens now to more of the Michael Berry Show, I'm Wyatt Goolsbee on Houston's news, weather and traffic station. News radio 7 40 h happening over there. Peace.

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