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Yeah the inflammation free diet plan she has a pretty good book and some of the foods that you would expect to be anti inflammatory are in fact inflammatory in that book i found it quite interesting i i i'm trying to remember there was one that really surprised me i don't remember if it was like it may have been kale or bok choy something like that somebody would expect me antiinflammatory was inflammatory so that's an interesting book by monica reina gle willing to that one in the show notes the anti inflammatory diet plan their other anti inflammatory diet out there but that one is a good one written by someone who we know who we trust so that would of course be helpful as far as supple tation is concerned a high dose omega three fatty acid supplementation from a good rancid free fish oil source i like super essentials fish oil green pastures does fermented cod liver oil bar leans doesn't omega swirl when you look at folks like charles pollock for example who's a really good strength coach and kind of on the cutting edge of a lot of the nutrition and strength research he recommends in some cases forty grams official high dose fish oil and i ordered recently from my friends over at the place that makes central's fish oil which actually also have available kion i ordered six bottles because i'm going to gradually rant myself up to forty grams a day of fish oil because i wanna see what happens and what it feels like all report back on that it's kind of like my forty grams of collagen dare that i took from my friend marxists and i started taking forty grams of collagen in my skin hair and my nails will sort of to get out of control i got like hooves now weird of my nails about every ten days.

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