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Welcome back to the Fanjuls Sports Book. Chicago Blackhawks pregame show Chris Boden with you as we continue getting set for the rematch between the Black Hawks and the Nashville Predators at Bridgestone Arena in Music City, who My banking on is sponsored by Marquette Bank, Love your Bank, Wake up to a better way to bank with Marquette Bank and Fun rewards. I'm gonna bank on Patrick Kane tonight. He was electric over the weekend. In those two wins over Detroit. They had himself a down night last night for whatever reason, zero shots on goal and he knows it. Usually he is very much aware of those kind of nights where he has a quiet one per se, and he was also on the ice for the game winning goal. But I expected Patrick Kane to come out and play large here tonight in the rematch against the Nashville Predators. Some other Blackhawks News Little bit earlier on. We already knew that Adam broke. Listen, Alex to break it. We're in covert 19 protocol. The Hawks have added Lucas WalMart to that list as well and once again the definitions of those as determined by the NHL, sharing the names of players unavailable to the club to practice to travel or playing games, and such protocol related absences can result from a number of factors, including among others, and initial positive test, which remains unconfirmed until confirmatory testing is complete pursuant to positive Test protocol also mandated isolation for symptomatic individuals pursuing two positive test protocol required quarantine as a high risk close contact in accordance to their protocol. Also, another option could be isolation based on a confirmed positive test result. And our quarantine for travel. Or other reasons again as outlined in covert 19 protocol. None of those further details are given. All we know is that Wal Mart joins the brink it and bow qu'est in that cove. It 19 protocols. Some other news today. The Rockford Icehogs opened training camp just a couple of days ago, and they had themselves an exhibition today against the Chicago Wolves. Over in Hoffman Estates. Chad Chris opened the scoring on the power play goal early, but that's all the scoring that happened for them as they ended up losing to the wolves by a final count of 6 to 1, Scotty Darling, who is getting a player tryout contract. With the wolves are rather with the ice dogs who are kind of beaten up at the goaltending position. Hey, started out made six made 16 saves on 17 shots. But then the wolves variable open things up against Kill Morris, the former Notre Dame ER, who allowed five goals on 25 shots, some other NHL news today. Rather surprising news out of Pittsburgh that 71 year old general manager Jim Rutherford decided to resign for personal reasons. No other reasons given other than it is not health related. He took over that job back in 2014 and helped lead the Penguins to the Stanley Cups in 16 and 17. So Jim Rutherford is out, and his assistant GM Patrick L. Wien, will take over some. There's only one other game in the NHL Tonight. Now is a rematch between Ottawa and Vancouver. They played a couple of days. It's a go in the Canucks getting a much needed victory over the struggling sense. 7 to 1 was the final score on money that only improved the connection record 23 and five auto a meantime, drops to 14 and one is we get to the back to this game between the Blackhawks in the national Predators. Hawks, looking to score for a a straight game out of the gate on the power play right now seven in a row to start a season is second all time. To the 11 consecutive games back in the 90 91 season ox power play now nine for 21. They also killed off all four penalties called against them last night, although I'm sure Jeremy Carlton still wants that number to go down after Five trips to the box in the victories both Friday and Sunday against the Detroit Red Wings. Meantime, that Predators penalty kill is now just 12 for 22 on the season, so the Hawks need to feast on that with every opportunity they get over the present only called for two penalties last night. And that Preds power play is just two for 24. While the Blackhawks go with Kevin Lincoln in Nashville will go with you see sorrows in that he is two and two on the year so far with a 3.2 goals against average and lifetime against the Blackhawks. Oh, into with a 3.68 goals against an 8 77 save percentage and it looks like as the lineups are presented here this evening by Jeremy Collinson. Troy alluded to this earlier. He is going to go with seven defenseman so Lucas Carlsson remains in the lineup tonight as well. Nicolas Bohdan will be 1/7 defenseman Matthew Highmore, who got back in the lineup last night. Will draw out S O Bohdan can go back into the lineup as the Blackhawks looks to get a victory. Get back in the wind Come as they enter this 123 and two good for six points on the season and look to get back in the wind come for their first Victory on the road so far this year. That's a wrap for the Fanjuls Sports book, Chicago Blackhawks pregame show. Thank you for joining us. Stick around straight ahead. It's my partners in wardrobe. John Wadham. Enjoy. Marie give you the call from Nashville. Next on 7 20, WGN. Had food bags air covered in pretty pictures of healthy food. But the highly processed pellets inside are far from it. Make the switch to the farmer's dog..

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