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New mao not at all he's much more modern and uptodate and focused on very different things and mao zedong were focus was stephen roach on trying to and of course focus as well on the fed derby he is one good to speak of of that particularly with stephen roach is coaching essays over the last decade not inflation dynamics and not job dynamics but as dynamics in that has to something to do with the next fed chairman and some would even say the next fed vice as israel we'll continue david muir in washington are 991 fm studios thrilled that he's down there i'm in new york today both of his getting ready for an eight or nine first pitch dodgers astros shocked to everybody very thumbs up on the astra's as well green discreet futures up to tout futures up fifty eight it took it astra world headlines now f macron's michael barr with you up there in new york greg david thank you tom army surgeon beaubourg dole is awaiting sentencing after he walked off his post in afghanistan a two thousand nine meanwhile president donald trump's criticism of bergdolmo has become a factor the soldiers sentencing the judge decided bird dole's punishment her defense arguments uh trump recently reaffirmed his scathing criticism and as programming affairs sentencing hearing bergdorf faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment president trump is planning lunch with republican senators on capitol hill today as they turned their focus to overhauling the nation's tax code in game one the world series to rights the astros to go on the dodgers in los angeles you'd near the game live on bloomberg radio starting seven pm pregame wall street time global news 24 hours.

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