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The boilermakers off to an encouraging start under new coach geoff rahm take nana wolverine his team that is still looking to get going offense ably also today speaking of offense the we've seen plenty of of it from oklahoma state the cowboys get their biggest test yet from tcu which has been staff defensively but are they up to the task the slow down the cowboys and also as you just heard from justin wilcox and they last hour three cal taking on three you know you sc and the game on cbs today a pair of three it oh teams and vanderbilt which has been impressive thus far take non alabama the number one team in the nation right now the sec in knoxville today tennessee and umass remained scoreless more than midway through the second quarter of course evolve coming off the heartbreaking loss a week ago after a crushing lost to clemson louisville bouncing back nicely leading can stay 21 to nothing let's get to some other action right now in a tough start for florida state near first action and weeks let's check it with roger soften right outlets horta state of foul i found small craft fits emcee state leading florida a state by a score pretender chevonne for twelfthranked seminal with having a heart tom on offense behind their freshman quarterback james watt won but on a field possession bob blocked by falling through his post touchdown pass a fouryard td pass to his wide receiver austin tape for the first score of the game for the seven off but in feast code took charge of his game early in the first quarter worth park or went on to possessions quarterback ryan tell white as scored a field goal from cars from why from the first session came back ryan fell white house scored jail unfavourable scored for the wolf pack to give a ah wolf pack ten points so right now we've got a ballgame here until half midway second quarter its embassies state reading florida state tend to seven known we got a good one a jury world between jerry's alma mata arkansas in texas saying let's go to arlington didn't get more this one here's bob stevens okay about a lotta minutes ago in the.

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