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The city council in the state assembly and will continue to be one when he gets to the mayor's office Gomez is running for Congress in the fifty third district and received the endorsement of our colleague Barbara Bry who is running against Gloria for mayor I'm Dian Nunes twenty twenty view of the twenty twenty election every twenty minutes HM seven sixty talk and breaking news some of the tax on the text line which to me is the best places to see tax about this whole winter winter this whole idea of our people who are gay not wanting to be part of the the T. Q. part there at the end of LGBTQ center or the full line out there transgressive thing right when it comes to there's no such thing as a janitor there's there's or there's ninety different genders you're not allowed to prefer the girl junk over guy junk for love making economic history we just played this well known social media lesbian who says I'm out I'm I'm done with the whole crowd I am I'm not into that stuff we got and I said the Hey how are you know anything about the community how many people feel this way I'm gay and I agree with the heart one hundred percent I'm starting to my leftist friends that'll never vote Democrat again the far left of coopted the gains of gays lesbians for their own reasons order to be labeled victims most to identify square have no idea what that means but I think it's cool I remember being beat up in middle school being called a queer and I hate that label I'm libertarian people can live their lives how they want but there's a lot of anger on the left they for inexplicable reasons interesting he A. out well she does she brought up on there's she's seen more bigotry from the people that claim that that was the big problem in our country right then she should play here there everywhere I am very hateful bigots and I don't like angry hateful been bigots of any stripe loading the all you know one of the year one of the divide this is so simple it seems even sweeter even bring it up how much is too much is a question that is not asked enough I am I I'm not in favor of child labor or beatings on the job but that doesn't mean that I'm for our public employee unions for instance I don't think it works as a concept you can be in favor of a lot of right in a lot of understanding but at the point that people are saying you don't get to choose who you would prefer to have sex with because that's bigotry that sway too much it way too far you're too loony so the idea that you're either wearing one uniform or the other real people work like that which is the turf is shown what's turf transaction costs of rights feminist white women who say there's well in the end the whole a progressive thing that but there's no such thing as a woman or a man it's all a central is it's a it's a societal construct and if you decide you're a woman you're every bit as much over woman as the the sort that has a **** and and they and they use they use terms like our the man with the Chinese and stuff like that in in mental menstruate or whatever and and it's just if you deny there's such a thing as a woman how can feminists say women have to have rights but I don't know if I'm a lesbian a like a classic lesbian I'm just I I call I'm a woman I say I'm a woman who likes other women sexually yes you're doing something wrong well yeah you're a bigot you're a bigot let's just say go ahead goal accuracy trans exclusionary radical feminist is what her stance for okay got this text gay men here also happens to be a history major left the community about the same time social media was blowing up most normal people never saw this whack job philosophy coming down the line because it was just getting started I'll say that as social media has grown so has the far social left voice yeah okay and again a lot of it is this effort to turn these really fuzzy social sciences and series into something that looks like science and then indoctrinate people into it and so they developed all this fancy virginal Maclay turn flow charts and theories and the rest of it and and it's been long ninety percent of it is bong can anybody saying knows it and they don't want to be tarred with that this would be an interesting one to fall to see how it plays out I think a burn itself out it'll eat itself.

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