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A 10 year old girl went to school in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, went to class, talked and laughed with friends. She was in the room when a police officer told her about stranger danger. But she never came home that day. Amy Mahala. Vic never came home at all. You know, she was learned to base square basically to be abducted since Amy disappeared. These streets normally filled with Children playing have been strangely quiet 30 years later, her murder remains one of the nation's most high profile, kidnapping and killing cases. But could three strands of decades old evidence lead police to a killer. This lead will sell the case or well. Amy's murder remain unsolved. Amy should be 40, a new podcast from three news in Cleveland and vaults Studios. Listen and follow this podcast for free on the I Heart Radio Act number one for music, radio and podcasts, all in one How are you? Do you want? Have a good day today. That's right. Yeah. This is a handle on the law. Marginal legal advice, right? Tell you you have no case call it said 88 to handle 8882 h a n d l. That's 888 to 4 to 6335..

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