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Chris plant have you or a loved one been diagnosed with macular degeneration is another condition like diabetes cataracts stroker legal blindness affecting your vision have you been told there's nothing more that can be done well low vision specialist of Maryland and Virginia is here to help lead by Dr Thomas Asmund since nineteen seventy five low vision specialist of Maryland Virginia design special glasses to give you back the gift of sight when traditional glasses can no longer help maximize your remaining vision so you can read again watch TV even drive again in many cases what's more if low vision specialist can't improve your site there is no cost call the doctors at low vision specialist of Maryland and Virginia today at three OO one three two one seven zero zero eight three oh one three two one seven zero zero eight help is on the way at one of their office locations around the capitol beltway call thrill one three two one seven zero zero eight or visit low vision indeed dot org are you an over thinker hi Rick Adelman here hosted the wreck element show right here every weekend in three decades of serving folks like you and almond financial engines we've made a lot of folks were trapped because they were over thinking their financial decisions we get it this can be scary stuff you work really hard and you make a lot of sacrifices to save all your money and well just imagine if you make a mistake bad investment choices the wrong mortgage and correct insurance coverage it's enough to keep anyone awake at night so here two pieces of advice to help you solve the problem first realize that most decisions can be changed and second it's not just you it's where he you don't have to go it alone let us help you you'll get our experience and expertise so call us Adleman financial engines it's one decision you don't have to over think call us a triple a to plan wreck that's triple eight plan wreck or visit us at Rick Adelman dot com. that's right Stillman dot com. everything's moving slowly from the hurricane to terrible traffic Tuesday we'll get your throat mornings on the mall Tuesday morning five to nine W. M. A. out of Phil has seen its share of politics Stephen Ross who is the owner of the Miami Dolphins has been forced off the NFL social justice committee why because in the you had the temerity to hold a fundraiser with president trump and of course JZ is also in the cross hairs because he had to deal with the NFL but he didn't bring Colin Kaepernick back joining us on the line to discuss is quite Travis the host of Fox Sports radio from six to nine AM eastern time he.

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