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Killed seven children at a long term care facility and wanna Q Paul. Thank you, Sean. Attention is on Florida where some of the bombs pass through postal facility near Miami devices to top Democrats, George Soros and CNN carried a return address for the Florida office of congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, WCBS reporter, Mike melts listened in to the update from the NYPD the FBI and others involved in this investigation, some of the suspicious packages that were sent to prominent Democrats in the one to CNN were sent through the US postal service and sources tell CBS news that they were sent from Florida. None of the packages sent exploded. Once they arrive to their intended target, and why PD? Commissioner Jimmy O'Neill was asked whether the devices in those packages, then should be considered a hoax or something that should be taken seriously. Give you one hundred percent accurate description. What the devices were, but we treat. We have to treat them as as a live devices. This is a protocol that our bomb squad people use and it keeps everybody safe the white powder in the package delivered to CNN has been analyzed. And it's now been determined that it does not present biological threat. Despite the targets seemed to be Democrats and critics of President Trump Commissioner Neil says political motive does play a role in how law enforcement does their job law enforcement professionals do not care about the politics behind these acts. But we do care about is keeping the public. We serve safe at NYPD headquarters. Mike, smells, WCBS NewsRadio. Eight of the Time Warner center in Columbus circle was cleared out for a second time suspicious packages last night on top of a garbage can on the third floor of the shops at Columbus circle turned out to be lost toys. And so the all clear was given about a half an hour after everyone cleared out five or six WCBS news time on Friday, Westchester county. Police officials are tight lipped about what they found when they were. Alerted to devices sent to George Soros and the Clintons the cost to police came in as suspected pipebombs, but Westchester police will describe the devices recovered carry executive George Latimer says extra cautions being observed by high profile government, entertainment and corporate figures who live in Westchester Suffolk County is joining hands with authorities in El Salvador, this in the fight against MS, thirteen law enforcement agencies are exchanging liaisons to combat the gang. The new partnership follows a trip by this Suffolk County sheriff to El Salvador last April driving in and around.

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