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Brassica wins the toss called tails tails that came up they'll take the ball. I instead of deferring any idea on that day and they want to get their offense the quarterback Adrian Martinez. I think it tells you a little something about what Scott frost thinks about his true freshman quarterback. Keep in mind. Adrian Martinez is still eighteen years old. He didn't play last week because of a banged up knee that he suffered with about three and a half minutes left in their opener against Colorado. He's wearing a brace on that. Right knee today. But I'm telling you solving that speaks volume about what the Nebraska head coach thinks about his young freshman, kid, all adolescent, whatever he is. Yes. He is. I tell you something else. Jim you and I've talked about this. He's as good looking a young quarterback is I have seen in many many years. Absolutely. He's gonna be handful for the wolverine defense. Let's go to our starting lineup which is brought to you by rude. Upfront for Michigan. Rashawn, Gary, Brian, Monet, Michael bloom, foreign chasing Winnipeg. But we'll see Kyle Aubrey sounding Reuben Jones Aidan Hutchinson and quickly paying they're also linebackers Devin Bush, Devin Gillan offer Bush along with Josh Gucci. We'll see Josh Ross. Also now in the viper position. That's that hybrid position the Khaliq Hudson normally plays Khaliq has to sit out the first half of this game because of a targeting Paul last week. So Hudson will not play in the first half. We expect to see Jordan Glasgow at corners, David long and liberty hill at safeties Josh Mattel's entirely kennel. Philly cuts isn't even allowed on the field. He's gotta remain in the Michigan locker room the entire. Staff. Now, I'm sure he'll be marked in front of a TV monitor trying to gather as much information as you can. But not even allowed on the sideline to participate in the defensive calls are starting lineup was brought to you by rude. Rely on route Jacob boody kicks enough to JD Spielman, and it will be over his head to the back of the end zone. In Nebraska will open up going right to left across your radio. Dial from the twenty five after the touchback, I think it's pretty apparent Jim Scott frost thinks that his offense with this freshman quarterback could go right down the field and silence. The hundred ten thousand people here in Michigan stadium. That's his plan. Let's see if they could make it happen. Well, it's camp and Monet opening up inside for Michigan and Gary outside and we've got a shotgun formation. And it is Martinez who gets the start. He sends one man in motion. He's in the shotgun gets the. The snap gives it to his running back would've which brings him down at the twenty.

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