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Lavrov was incredulous. At what he was witnessing, and he said? Something like who is it that raised here. Is Vontobel moose and, squirrel he didn't say that but he. Did say, to Andrew, Mitchell something like, you know who raised you My, you know my mother used to say. What are, you raised, in a barn Well no I was raised in your house but the. What are, you raised in a barn and Sergei Lavrov was was shocked and appalled he was I was, shocked that he was appalled at Andrew Mitchell's conduct in. This event with the president I'd, states, because they scream and. Yell and they're rude and when the press secretary says okay it's over everybody. Out they just ignore the press secretary and they stand there and they keep. Yelling there was a chip in the soccer ball that. Putin gave to. The, president I, have an update on this, story from this morning it's quite fascinating We've got. Good news on trade we've got all kinds of wonderful. Stuff crazy Democrats This. Is the Chris Plante show Washington's. Mall w. m. a. l. Washington comes. To talk WMA traffic, there's an accident on fourteenth street southwest at independence avenue and because of this earlier, crash the route. Fifty two buses are being delayed. Somewhat also ninth street at Kansas avenue a crash there Martin..

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