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Good evening. I'm Mike Sugerman. Or three things to know. At 11 15 1 Governor Cuomo threatening travelers from Corona virus hot zones with a $2000 fine if they don't provide their contact information when they land in New York airports. To the body of Glee star Naya Rivera has been recovered at a lake in Southern California. Riviera vanished five days ago while voting with her four year old son. Three. The Black lives matter. Mural on Fifth Avenue outside Trump Tower has been vandalized. Someone poured red paint over three of the yellow letters. The NYPD is investigating dozens of shootings over the weekend, the youngest victim with one year old Mohr from WCBS, Sean Adams. There's a child killer on the loose in Brooklyn. The two thugs who blasted away at a barbecue in bedside 11 30 last night killed a one year old boy and wounded three other men. Also Sunday, a 12 year old shot in the leg and Crown Heights, a 15 year old shot in the wrist here in Harlem, near 143rd Street. In a twist of irony, Mayor de Blasio was in this neighborhood Saturday promoting a new community initiative to put clergy on street corners to help defuse tension. Roughly three dozen people shot all across New York City over the weekend, the fourth week of surging gun violence following protests of police violence. After those protests, the department eliminated the undercover units that hunted illegal guns. Police commissioner blames the violence on bail reform and the cove it related release from Rikers Island. The mayor believes the problem is much more complex than Harlem. Sean Adams. WCBS NEWS radio 80. I'm Mac Rosenberg. You could hear the despair in the mayor's voice Tau wake up this morning. And Learned that a one year old child was killed on the streets of our city. By gunfire is just so painful, De Blasio says. It's never just about police. It has to be community and police together. This recent wave of shootings follows the disbanding of the NYPD is anti crime unit. 600 plainclothes officers focused on getting illegal guns off the streets. The mayor insists that police Commissioner Dermot Shea thought that work could be done in a different and better way way that uses modern technology way that uses the skills of officers. To achieve the same outcomes to get those guns off the street. But in ways that also don't disrupt the relationship between police and community, he says. The people of each neighborhood our allies in the efforts to seize the guns. Mac Rosenberg doubly CBS News Radio 80 WCBS News time He'd 11 18 time for a check of traffic and weather together Here's Kelly Dylan and on the roads. Let's start with the George Washington Bridge and construction work. Outbound George Construction work right, laying out on the upper deck, and the lower level has two lanes and down cross Frank slaves back to derailment. Inbound about a 20 minute wait upper lower deck construction work, and the Palisades ramp is closed. The inbound Holland now shut down for its nightly repairs out there every night. As you know, it's completely shut down till five out. Found just Elaine head to the Lincoln. Not that they're either way. Just keep in mind. The North tube is closed for construction work. A night in Jersey Self inside to 87. Quite the mess. Exit 39 for Route 10. In Parsippany. There is an accident investigation still underway that blocks the right lane and shoulder. Also an ongoing accident investigation on eastbound 78 approaching Exit 36 Warren all lanes closed. All travel lanes closed. Traffic is being allowed by on the shoulder, of course, a very busy ride center with 22 If you want to avoid that Now we're also quite busy on the south side of the of well. At that point, it's the New England Thruway from the Connecticut State line on down into Exit 20 and Dr Lee have construction work there blocking a couple lanes and right now you are at a standstill. Our next traffic updates in less than 10 minutes on W. CBS. Should be a nice.

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