Jeff, Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


Those early critical minutes and the photo opportunity we see i think will set the stage for what is to come certainly even beyond singapore yeah jeff continued check in with you the pictures obviously you're seeing right now outside kim jong un's hotel which is the saint regis hotel not too far from where president trump is staying as well the kim motor is will be leaving i we are told it's obviously all lined up this security here is extraordinarily tight it has been for the last several days of but particularly today actually we are just now been told the president trump has actually left his hotel it was initially we've been told that kim would leave his hotel i but president trump were told has left his hotel alexandra field is at the saint regis where kim jong un and his entourage could be departing any minute as well how long is it gonna take alexsandr do we know for kim jong un's entourage to to get to sentosa island to the to the the location well the meeting starts at nine so they're going to have to leave here shortly it's only about ten kilometers away that's just a few miles really we estimate between fifteen minutes and half an hour though certainly he will be with a large motorcade you assume they'll be able to move through these streets quickly evidence of that the fact that this street that we're standing on is shutdown really the spotlight on kim jong un right now as he officially gets ready to step onto the world sage achieving something his father couldn't achieve achieving something his grandfather could not achieve this sit down with the acting president of the united states there is of course a lot of security out here anderson singaporean police officers are keeping the crowds back right now not enormous crowds mostly press frankly but a lot of people stopping hoping to get a glimpse of kim jong un making his way through the city streets of saint pours something that seemed inconceivable just months ago and unlikely weeks ago look at this anderson you can start to see the motorcade moving forward now there will be dozens of vehicles at the lead.

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