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Know heaven. You guys have an incredible show on that. That i i. I can't quite process that all the way. Like i don't know because that could flip either way and she and shows up in a bunch of other different places but it is interesting and i actually asked you know ralph blumenthal. The guy wrote the book and he's a veteran new york times journalist. But there's another quick story. I want to say about blumenthal but back to back to mac for minute. His co. attorney on. This is the guy from spotlight. The guy who. I forget his name now. But the guy who broderick mic leash is he the guy who prosecuted the priests in boston. Yes yes it is so so. That's what a strange mix there to have to do you want. I don't know. I don't know if you're aware this you wanna do. You want to get even weirder. Because i'm reading right now that he was supported john. Mack was financially nonprofit was supported for four years at a cost of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars pier by the reincarnated emperor of atlantis. Laurance rockefeller right. Yeah that makes sense. Yeah he was told. I starring allegedly. We've heard that he was told that ethylene institute by the nine the sort of child entities ran for awhile that you know that he was a reincarnation of an appropriate lantis. So that's why we referred to nelson rockefeller apply dot com. Yeah you know. This is something. That's very interesting to me you know not to. I know. I haven't listened to your show with what we i'm interested to do. So but it something. That was very interesting to me in reading more about him because of the connection that jimmy drew between him and jackson fati. Nfc in that hadn't necessarily occurred to me before you know his work very interesting directions in the idea. The connection between the aliens and the dead you know. of course there's gifted children theme where there's From childhood you know there's a connection with them at then blossoms in later life and something that he brought out in later works as that you know the there some connection between them and death that we're being brought up for death. Can i send away with the nba thing and some of the skepticism did connect only with the skeptical part. And that's why. I think we need to be suspicious of it because it has so i don't know i. We can't decide definitively but it has a lot of the fingerprints of a sigh up to you. Know that i'm going to go up. That and i'm going to kind of control narratives. One is that like it's all an alien trick and the other one is that the aliens are like real peaceful representatives of whatever s upon death. You know there's different spins on it. I wouldn't necessarily break it down like that because look as soon as we contemplate an extraterrestrial non human intelligence in these extended realms. Well we can attach anything to it. We can say you know. They're in cahoots with the military industrial complex. And you know this or that it's my lab or that it's space brothers or that. They came and met with our and they gave him a choice. You wanted to be the good and he just you can go to so again. Where's terra firma. You know and so to me. John mac is is partly terra firma. You know. it's not like if that was an interesting conversation. I had with blumenthal light so like if you wanna step over. John max work. You can do that but then what you enter into..

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