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I'm not mad at Ramiro versus out assigning because I thought Romero was close enough to beating. Whitaker that you can make a case in that fight. obviously murder. Chris Ryan and he lost a Bra with abortion so with nobody else there is nobody wants to fight Romero. But which you on this and I'm saying I decided he's going to stop them. It's just the problem here is like I'm looking at Romero and I've been looking for all these years and I'm going. Why are you not wrestling people? You a world class wrestler yet. You continue to throw hands like you're a world class striker and you're not you built like a super soldier. I kid like when you land. I give you kill people. You crushed Chris. Widener that flying. You crushed Luke rockall who has glass jar? But you're dealing with a striker of the highest level Israel Sonya and that. What you said was very he winds up alight. And that's enough. I decided to fire one right down the middle and catch them or head kick his ASS aid. Put Him to sleep. Not Maybe they would just get a stoppage out assigned us to sharp for a lot of the bullshit that you Ramirez GonNa try in this fight. The only chance that Romeo has like being real explosive in Addison he's not ready for it or he wrestles him and he could kind of make the fight easy. They won't do it. Ramirez just won't do it as grave he is he just does dumb shit and I think that's why they picked him so this fooling. Oh wrestle he's got too much sand over with me for twenty five minutes like I might take a couple big punches. But don't let him catch me clean pieces and that's the point like we were team. They just do everything at each other. They were just throwing punches. There was no real technique. It was like wherever lands is going to sleep. I decided to set this shit up quite will if you look at the whitaker fight was like by happenstance if you look at the gasoline fire damage smoke gasoline in the fifth round. This was all technique. A Ramirez is kind of one dimensional when it comes to strike and so I fully expect out on you to get him out of there at some point and this really Romero's fault more than anything else a guy who refuses to play to a streaks. That is so stupid. But that's what he does but what if he comes out and he says you know what this is the day then he wins. No He's I still think I decided to take down. Defense is good enough this a world class wrestler like Romero like Dude Romero if he really put his foot on the gas he could Jewish saint-pierre just about anybody in this week class ambig- is up there. Big shoots yeah and he gets you on the ground. How do you get off you? But that's just won't do it. It's like it's the most bizarre is one of the most bizarre things in MMA. 'cause you watch him and you go and Suzie knocks somebody. Gosh it. That's bad because somebody nineties to everybody so you know credits Robert Whitaker who kinda shrugged off all those takedown attempts but Romero still spent much of that fight throwing hands and it's like what are you trying to prove. Full win a fight win a fight that Debbie like it's frustrating. I decided you looks. Dan is just GonNa pick them off. He's going to pick Romero off. And then it's like everybody's incompetent Jones fight but that's why shouldn't happen next now yet no Burkina's the comeback of course but people to him. Yep You are not so. I me judge shadows to do so. I'm not mad at people calling for it but now it's still a little too premature but these guys need each other sooner or later down the road so hopefully they keep waiting because sooner or later they got a date and it doesn't hurt. Outta sunny at all. Go Up and challenge Jones if you lose comeback so timmy. No harm no foul but they definitely have to build to it and that's going to be a fun fight. If everything breaks frightening we get that. But I'm amazed we're all it takes them one punch tiny goth's so we'll see how this plays out this weekend fun. Doing this may show which took almost twice as long due to my fire evacuation but thank you guys for listening. Basically follow us. Act A CORNER OR SKEWED ACT CORNER. Podcast underscore twitter me echo. Dsp him at entrees hail shoutout to blue wire again for letting us do this three times a week. Make sure you guys check out our wrestling show on Friday packed. Full of stuff. Finally breaking down eighty w revolution in which seeing now a group chat that someone they will this ten out of ten pay per view. David scoring pay per views. American paper views for over three decades. And they've only given to pay per views a ten out of ten. This was one of them. Oh boy I can't wait to talk about this on Friday so make sure they're drake can't wait to talk everything from pro wrestling with you and preview. Wwe Of court. Oh we still gotta talk over the last night but now we gotta premium you elimination chamber snaps. Not I'll see you Friday. Thank you guys for listening for now though. We're out piece..

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