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And we were in a position where we very quickly raised the money with a lot of hair on the business went through this massive public trial sold the assets. And that was all just a great challenge that I think we were ultimately really successful with considering the headwinds was the river point during that time where you felt stretched too thin like as the support for everyone. Yeah. No. I I would not be truthful. If I didn't say that it was it was an around the clock experience. But I I it was so exciting. I wouldn't trade it for the world. You know? I I didn't think oh I've I have another eighteen hour day. It was just I was completely in the moment. Yeah. How'd you find like an? Excitement motivational side to it. When there's like. I dunno in some ways it's like a dark time for the company as well. Like how how did you process that? Well, I think you need to think about it as solving a really complex puzzle with one hand tied behind your back. And then it becomes a difficult yet fun and challenging exercise. And you know, the hard part was just having a lot of the entire company relying on a successful outcome and wanting very much to make good on the promise that we would give everyone a safe place at the end of this. You know, the jobs would be saved all of that that that was the part that was weighing on me. But otherwise, you know, it it's a puzzle. And it's like a a difficult problem that a business needs to solve and you need to untangle it. And when you think, okay, we're almost out of solutions, you find that you can come up with something else, and you can get some more time, or, you know, more money or something to to extend yourself until you get to the to the spot where you feel okay, you've done it. And at this point, how do you personally define success? You know on a personal level. I think it is being really excited about getting every day and coming and coming to work for the beast. It is about making an impact with our stories and getting them out to a lot of people. And then getting them to understand that. That's what we do and come back for more and looking overall at your career to what is the main driver for you. If for me in working in media, it is about telling important stories, it's it's about getting information out and helping to advance the thinking of voters and people who need to make decisions in their lives or people who buy products, or you know, rely on companies that we report on Oliver stories just help people go through their lives being better informed. And that's really important to me. What advice would you give to someone who wanted to? Take a career path like yours. I would say be open to serendipity and be open to kind of unexpected chances. And if you if there's if if you're excited about them, I think pursue pursue and nontraditional path and see where it takes you. I think the biggest trick is to keep yourself open. It's like have conversations be out, there explorer things that you know, you you might not think you'd ever do talk to people about what motivates them understand what they love about their jobs and figure out if there's something for you there. I think just having that network. I mean networking is such a cliche, but it is hammered home again. And again because it really is important to just be open yourself that as far as the decision making process, you know, that that's like really personal depending on what you want to do. But you need to. I have the options you need to have things come to you in your orbit, and you can make that happen. Well, thank you so much. Thank you. Thanks for listening to this is success from business insider, our shows produced by Animas rackets and Sarah Wyman dam Bobkov is our executive producer. And I'm rich felonious before you go Heather Dietrich has one more fun fact to share. So I moved a lot in my life when I showed up at college and in the dorm orientation, there was two truths in ally. And one of my truths was that I'm eighteen years old. And I moved eighteen times. My dad was in the tech industry..

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