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Of the weekend the mountaineers finishing the season classic mediocrity and second worst the bulls don't know to how don't know how to properly tank no best for this guy it was a rough weekend let's see the real k bush best of the weekend ohio state punching a ticket to the frozen four second all time and worst michigan punching a ticket to the final four how about our best worst the weekend paulie start with you best and worst of the week my loyal ramblers making it to the final four longtime fan program course couple of weeks a couple of weeks i was actually completely not a fan of the program growing up as the paul fan this just rubs it in the at the fact that the paul basketball has been languishing my the best that we can is minnesota duluth ohio state notre dame michigan and the frozen four next week field advantage saint paul minnesota excel centre for minnesota duluth pretty close to home i think homeice advantage vinyl four dante even though maybe the most exciting player left they got two out of what seven draft picks right high draft we'll take me i'm relieved that we got those jalil okafor yeah paulie best and worst of the weekend i oh seat o'connor my worst luik.

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