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George Wallace, Ryan Zimmerman and Joe Ross will not participate in this upcoming baseball season, Both making the announcement today first baseman Ryan Zimmerman releasing a statement for a number of reasons, including he has young Children, most notably a three week old. And his mother is also in high risk. Zim says he's going to opt out this year. But he said, quote to be clear. I am not retiring at this time. I have not decided on my future in baseball past 2020 and quote so Ryan Zimmerman will not be playing this year. Joe Ross also will not play this upcoming season, He was a candidate to become the fifth starter. They will join Diamondbacks pitcher Mike Leake, who became the first known player to opt out when he announced his decision earlier on today, Mike Rizzo, by the way, also making a statement saying that the team and organization fully supports Joe Ross and Ryan Zimmerman and their statement says, quote We will miss their presence in the clubhouse and their contributions on the field and quote baseball. Also officially announcing the rule changes for this upcoming season, including the designated hitter in the National League Extra innings will start with a runner on second base and arguing, brawling and spitting are prohibited. There will also be no lineup card exchange. Pre game and is part of the PGA Tour's pretournament screening process. This week at the Rocket Mortgage Classic. Harris English has tested positive He is withdrawn from the event this week becomes the fifth player to test positive. George Wallace. Tubby TV sports Coming up after traffic and weather. A man convicted in the killing of an American journalist almost two decades ago in Pakistan is going to walk 6 16 Those unsightly, painful veins or heavy, tired legs have been bothering you turned to the experts at.

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