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She's fully certified through the center of aromatherapy research and education. Debbie, welcome to this show. How are you doing today? Well, thank you so much. I'm doing great. How about yourself? I am doing great. Well, I want to dive into so many different topics today. You're also a doula, which I was a dualist for many years as well. You're a chiropractor, which I've utmost respect for the field of chiropracty, but I feel like it's also a field that a lot of people have a lot of misunderstandings around. So I want to dive into all that, but first, I want to start with the center for aromatherapy research and education, which you hold a full certification through. It's also known as care, which I hear referred to as care a lot. Give us a little bit of background into that institution or that would you call it a school? It's a certification process, and yes, it can be thought of as a school. It's a training center for people who are interested in learning more in depth information about the use of essential oils and really what makes them work. It's a great system where you can go and be trained in 5 mainly 5 topics. You learn the history of anointing and laying on of hands through the reading about essential oils in the Bible. And even though the Bible isn't about essential oils, there's a lot of great references in the Bible because it was so much a part of that part of the world's lifestyle. You also learn about the kids. There's like over 200 recipes. 600 references in different forms of thatch and fashion, yes. So that's really interesting. A lot of people don't know that. And you learn chemistry, the chemistry of essential oils and what really makes them work down to a molecular level. You learn how to use the oils as an emotional tool to help you.

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