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Today story begins in december of eighteen. Forty seven when the fox family moves to the rural community of hides new york the plan to build their own home in the new town but the winter is pretty brutal so the construction comes to a stop in the meantime. John and margaret fox rent a modest house near the town centre and move in with their two young daughters. Fourteen year old maggie and eleven year old kate. This rental house is small like the four of them have to share a single bedroom. The parents asleep in one bed in maggie in kate and another and while it's kind of tight the fox's are relatively happy. John is a reformed alcoholic with a new outlook on life. Margaret is a super sweet mother who lives for her children as for maggie and kate. They're pretty much glued at the hip so they're never bored. Most nights in the new house are pretty unremarkable. After doing some chores and blowing out the candle they slip into their beds and fall asleep to the peaceful sounds of the river nearby. Of course there are other sounds too you know. The standard creepy sounds that come with living in a tiny shack in the middle of the woods. The wind howling the creaking of old trees. The pitter-patter of creatures scuttling through the night but on a cold march night. The fox's wake up to something different something other worldly. There's a sudden wrapping on the walls thumping on the ceilings and vibrations all around them naturally. Everyone's a little alarmed so they re light the candle and investigate this sound has to have a source an open window rattling an animal trapped inside a woodpecker on the roof. It could be any number of things but after checking every corner of the room and popping their heads outside. They don't find anything out of the ordinary. Which is a little weird sure. But it's the middle of the night in everyone's tired. So john margaret maggie and kate all go back to bed hoping that the sounds will just go away on their own. But that's wishful thinking. The wraps and knox returned for several more nights. The fox is still can't figure out where it's coming from and they're starting to get delirious from the lack of sleep. Finally on march thirty first. Eleven year old. Kate decides to respond. I have no idea why she just starts snapping her fingers and when she does whatever's in the room wraps back at her soon. Maggie joins in and the same thing happens again whenever she makes a sound something response. It's like they're conversing in morris code or something. Their mother margaret immediately senses there in the presence of something supernatural. She starts asking questions like if you're an injured spirit respond with three wraps and then they hear their he knocks. Then she asks do it again. If you were injured in this house another three knox obviously. This is a lot for the family to process. Not only are the all running on basically no sleep but they just been told that they're living with the spirit of someone who was injured. Maybe even killed exactly where they're standing but before they pack their bags and start running the fox's take a step back and decide to get some input from a third party to confirm that all this is actually happening so they ask their neighbor. Mary redfield to come over when mary arrives. The spirit doesn't shy away at all margaret. Ask some more questions in the spirit continues rapping and knocking all around the house answering question after question but what really shocks. Everyone is that the spirit doesn't just talk about itself. It knows things about everyone like things. It shouldn't know for example margaret asked the spirit to reveal mary's age just to see what happens and to everyone's surprise. It wraps a total of thirty three times. That's exactly how old. Maria's and. Mary is speechless when she gets home. She tells her husband what happened and within hours word spreads around the little town like wildfire that very same night over a dozen neighbors. Visit the fox house one of the visitors. This guy named william do slur actually used to live in that house about seven years earlier and he's not buying the ghost story for a second in the brief time he lived there. He never once experienced a haunting. So being a skeptic he takes over asking the questions now before this the fox's were mostly asking simple yes or no questions like knock once for yes and remained silent for no but william wants specific answers so he tells the spirit to actually spell out words. How it works is william calls out the letters of the alphabet and when he says the right letter the spirit knocks it takes a while but the spirit is able to spell out words and even form sentences through this process the spirit reveals that he used to be a peddler named charles about five years earlier. That had been a couple years after william moved out. Charles came knocking on the houses door. The man who lived there invited charles in but once he stepped inside. He cut charles's throat with a butcher knife and buried him down in the cellar. That's pretty wild right. What makes the story believable though. Is that charles spells out the name of his killer. John bell there actually was a man named john bell who used to live in that house. Everyone in town remembers him. But there's only one way to prove the story is true. One of the townsmen grabs a candle and goes down into the cellar it.

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