Greg Gianforte, Reporter, President Trump discussed on Houston Morning News


Cookie. Tough cookie congressman Greg Gianforte. So he's talking about of course, who had a little let's call an altercation with a reporter. Of course, how the media's playing this at Montana rally, President Trump praises, Greg Gianforte body, slamming reporter, some of them referred to physically assaulting or salting reporter. Again, I find the Meteo so disingenuous on this story. You know, they don't have any problem with Eric Holder kicking them when their down. Yes, they have no problem with calls do Sol conservatives at all none whatsoever. So why should I have a problem with what the president said? I really don't also rush was on last night on Sean. Hang our. Yeah. Yeah. And he talked about the election. I think he has a take fairly similar to ours. As far as south things. Hopefully, we'll go I still say that I think there are things have yet to happen that are going to determine outcomes in some races. The we don't know. So it's still very hard to predict. Cavenaugh feedback reaction was was one hundred percent positive for Republicans and Democrats really blue then four hundred thirty five of these things. I I don't know. I just rely on hope was an which is again naive. I don't have survey data. I don't trust that. It hasn't been right consistently enough for me, the people doing these surveys desperately want Trump gaulan, I don't know how they can take that out of their work. I don't believe in pure objectivity. So I distrust, if I put you on the spot prediction, but we hold the house, and we increase the Senate like because I think that's Justice. I think that's just I think the democrat party deserve to lose in the single biggest electoral landslide defeat in my lifetime meals. If they actions they've taken just in the last month. Well deserved maybe. But we'll have to wait and see if they get what they deserve. But I hope he's right about that by twenty-five NewsRadio seven forty KTAR, h let's talk. About billiard factory so weekend, man, you wanna have some fun. Get your man cave all equipped. Wait a minute. We can't call it that anymore. You can't have a man cave. Love to come up with a new name. Yup. Thank you Kleenex. So what do we do? Instead with your home theater, skull home theater..

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