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The bronco. I believe the bronco warthog would have the four hundred horsepower version. The three point five liter twin turbo four hundred horsepower version. that's in the ford explorer s. T. right which is the hotter version of that. So that's four hundred horsepower. I'd expect that now unlike the raptor and gt five hundred. It would make sense for the bronco to be that four ten for twenty. It should be a little better than the explorer right. The explorers four hundred. The broncos should be four twenty. Five is what i think they'll find. Yeah and then of course in the middle of of the road between all of this is the raptor facelift for for coming out this year but the same ego boost engine. Four fifty horsepower. So you can get bronco at four hundred ish bronco warthog raptor aeko boost and then raptor our next year four hundred four fifty and arguably seven fifty seven sixty horsepower. So anyway pretty pretty cool stuff. I guess we'll get into that a little bit more. I haven't heard from ford. They said they're making my mach one. This week could have happened. Today could have happened yesterday. I certainly get the email going. Hey good news we we made your are so not so sure if that's happening but we're going to wrap things up we're gonna let you go. I know we're running out of time. But i i went to an event and i met with our friends in the aftermarket and they said oh we're developing all these cool parts for the mock and are you getting one. I said yeah and they said well what trim what color whatever i told them they said that's exactly what we want. I go and they said well. Are you going to drive it all the time as well. Yeah i i wanted to change the engine the light i want to change the engine lightning so i can drive. Drive the mustang. In the meantime they said well how do you feel about it not driving it and we put it in the sima booth. We do some work on it and i was like okay and so i'm excited about it. I'm excited about being sima car. But it's a lot like you just got the law man delivered and you can't really do anything with except look at it in a big bubble until it does. Its debut show. Here was.

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