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Freedom fighters my name is Andrew Warner. I I'm not GonNa do the whole I gotTa tell you. This is exactly what I was looking for when I put out a call on twitter saying. Is there anyone who's doing better now? We're doing well now post the CO Corona crisis Despite what's going on and the reason that I say that today's guests Michael lexuses perfectly exactly what I was looking for is because he is the inspiration that I think that we need just before this whole thing hit the guy. Bought Museum Hack a company that he was very closely affiliated with. And we'll understand what How within the scenario the whole idea behind museum hackers? It they take you take your loved ones. They take your co workers. They take you and other people into museums now number one you can get into museums right now number two. You can't get next to your loved ones. You can't get next to strangers. You can't get next to your co-workers. How does a guy who suddenly running his business deal with the situation? And as I'm saying this you guys can't see it. He's got a smile on his face because he's recognizing it but he also has a smile on his face because I feel like this whole situation has taken a deeper emotional toll on most of us than we realize. Despite that he found a way to turn things around anyone online he created us. I guess a spin off business second business. It's called team building dot com where they provide team building activities. That your people will love but it's done online and what we've found now is that there are a couple of things that Michael. I think. I'm understanding this. Business is two things number one. There are a lot of people like the the good people at my kid's schools who don't know how to do any remote anything right and now suddenly they have to figure out zoom and remote interaction and all that right so they come to team building DOT COM and they sign up for a program where they could. They could learn how to do remote work better and number two. There are people who are feeling disconnected from the people. They're working with even though they're on slack zoom with them and so those are some of the problems that team building dot com. It's all being and because he solving it instead of crashing into a wall and feeling defeated in blaming her own and really rightly rightfully so saying this crap happened. He's making things happen in keeping people in his company going anyway. Michael Lexin I have known each other for years. There's fair fair to say that they would not be revenue at Mixer. G Not real revenue mixture. Gee if not for him and I really appreciate him forgetting me going when I was starting. I'm hitting him for being here. I appreciate him for being here. Even though he has stuck on an island will talk about that. We'll do it all thanks to two phenomenal sponsors to I..

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