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Test should be given in the presence and at the direction of a trained healthcare worker, which often isn't the case in l. A. The test labeling also says it should be limited to people who show signs of covert, but many tests in L A or given to people who are asymptomatic Chris and Carl. Okay, if I knew funeral homes in California are struggling to keep up with the number of people dying from Cove in 19, California, there were creatures vehicles in some hospital parking lot. There are funeral homes that have brought on additional capacity over and above what they added in the summer, and they're still being overwhelmed. Bob Ackerman runs the California Funeral Directors Association, He says no one expected what is happening. He says Funeral home should stay vigilant and safeguarding staff because those frontline workers are licensed trained professionals who cannot be easily replaced. The Orange County D. A says cops are getting passed over for vaccinations. Todd Spitzer says the O. C health care agency is not prioritizing front line law enforcement for first tier vaccinations. Any claims dentists have jumped over patrol officers in the vaccine line. Spitzer goes on to say 80 needs to get its head screwed on right and properly prioritize those who constantly interact with the public. The health care agency says it's the state that put many non medical emergency responders into Tier one B and the county is still vaccinating Tier one A, which includes law enforcement, dealing with outbreaks in the jails or with the homeless. In Orange County Court in Carson, Calif. I knew Dr Fauci says, Americans need to keep wearing masks and social distancing. Even if they do get vaccinated against Cove it we should not pull back from mitigation methods until the level of virus circulating in the community is at such a low level that it is no longer a risk. She estimates at least 70 to 85% of the country needs to be immunized to get the pandemic under control. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer want President Trump out Now I joined the Senate Democratic leader and calling on the vice president to remove this president by immediately invoking the 25th amendment jump only has two weeks left in office. But Pelosi says impeachment may be an option of Pence does not go the 25th amendment route. The 25th amendment allows for a transfer of power from the president to the vice president, either temporarily or permanently in order for it to be used a vice president and a majority of presidential Cabinet members must sign up. Off. President Trump has released a video message condemning his mob of supporters who attacked the capital. Trump says he is outraged by the violence. The demonstrators who infiltrated the capital Have defiled the seat of American democracy. To those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction. You do not represent our country. In the message. Trump also acknowledged that President elect Biden's administration will be taking over. He says he will ensure there is a smooth transition of power and CNN is reporting a U. S Capitol police officer has died following the pro Trump riot in the Capitol building, the police officer Now the fifth person to die as a result of yesterday's violence. The chief of the Capitol police is resigning because of the writing from the Southern California Toyota dealers. Traffic.

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