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Anybody that thought that was a news story to developing we're gonna keep digging on this guy has passed. They do the same thing to Trayvon Martin. I mean. On the same thing with all all a black man that are unjustified Lee shot by police. They dig into the victim's background, and and the family of this guy that gosh on his apartment, they say they twice they kill you with a gun. And then they kill you with their mouths. What's happening is? And I think the support and if my son is in. My father was a cop for those who don't know. So my son when he was in high school. I heard him say call a cop pig, and I really got into a my said, you know, what you can hate cops. And he's not fan of where he lives in Carmel valley, San Diego, they have they had a curfew. So if you're like, oh between sixteen and eighteen you weren't allowed to be out past ten o'clock. And so he got a lawyer my son, he found a lawyer, and he wanted to go to court and challenge it, and I'm like by the time it's done you'll be eighteen right? He's kind of kid, and he was really upset him. So good. So he he and his friends are totally against a cabinet. And I mean for Katherine again against Trump and against police officers. I mean, the police would start my son used to have really long hair down to his shoulders. Right. And he was stopped a lot. And it's not the same as driving while black of policies to African Americans. I'm not trying to say that. But there was something about the way he was treated, you know, and I've told the story before he had a black friend is kids nickname was beef and used to come over to house all the time, and he gets stopped in our neighborhood all the time, and I live in a predominantly. Not black area of San Diego. However, it's it's a tons of Asians and Latinos, but just not African American and. You know? I just I think what Colin Kaepernick has started was a great awareness that was there. And then nobody nobody I think understand what Trump exacerbated this. Because I I mean this. You don't think the personification of a Russian bought that's gonna like just stir. All this animosity and division between people by constantly bringing it up by constantly bringing it up. He doesn't let people sit with the issue and make their own assessment of what of how they feel about it because he just calls him son of a bitches and makes it about the military and makes it about the flag and makes about being American and all these veterans are saying, it's none of that. It's none of that. And Knicks hasn't made it clear. He's made it clear what it is a veteran that got him to kneel instead of and he took a veteran disagreed. He's like, yeah. I don't like seeing it. But I thought for his right to do it. And that's the point. So this is my favorite word the nuance. That's missing with this president and his supporters. I will I will look back on on President Trump assuming I'm not dead. I will look back on this president. And as as an aberration in a weak and soft human being I will never. Forget the Republicans in office now that continued to enable and support him though, I will always hold a grudge. And I I believe that is I think a lot of people feel the way I do. I do. I really do. I let's go to the house and Senate. Okay. Okay. And let's just say they actually don't taste like chicken. Why it is now illegal to eat your labrador? That's next on you chip.

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