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On there originally, which is pretty much just copied it Redid? It said that he was shot between the eyes, newspaper article says he had a long shot under his rat arm, and then he was also shot in the head. If you open the. pull the arm up on there. You could see a whole there and there is something inside the jacket that you could easily say. Is Blood this us? What I'll say is the most macabre whether it's blood or not, whether you might be a moth, hold or something I don't know. Anyway, but his daughters are the ones that actually gave the suit. So. That's that's that's an interesting. The Sons of Katie elder base and John. Wayne, there's two movies. A gentleman did based on here. The other one is the searchers. The creek raided I talked about thirteen, thousand, six four, and that's based on they create. Searchers is based on the Great Britain. Johnson's family was. Killed and taking captive. and. He goes and ends up getting his family back MS. eighteen sixty four. Here's the most amazing thing about the story brick. Johnson is a black man. Johnson is a slave. But, he's really more of a business partner with his owner and his business partner allows him an extra supplies him to go get so Johnson not only gets his family back, but he's also credited with getting a lot of other captives back to so. Anyway so yeah! John Wayne in John Ford also working with John Wayne Root. He knew the stories, because there's some and I mean there's there's a reason for Larry mcmurtry rats lonesome dove. Charles good night in August Charles. Good not in. Oliver Loving. When you portray them as fictional characters well, that's August. This mccrae and woodrow call from though. and. Charles good not with sworn in as a Texas ranger here for Belmont, so that history runs really really deep Texas towns named after them? In The. I mean this was the start of the goodnight. Loving trail Fort Belknap was. In! A lot of people don't realize that, but their ties are absolutely. Charles good wouldn't be Charles good night. Had Fort Bill? Not here, because as here, he decided to go and talk to Oliver Loving. Who is the older one? WHO DID KETTLE DRAFTS HE GOES? Ask Oliver Loving would do you mind helping me with this cal Dr Oliver. Loving, says yeah, and so you know they meet here at Fort Belknap. Charles good goodness first wife that he met. Wife. His wife that he met, he met her here she was. She ends up becoming a teacher and Weatherford so. I wanted to buy? So the John Wayne Movie, this searchers is based on the real story of what happened at little. Is that what? On Creek Yeah. Okay, so the searchers is based on The creek raid and a little bit on. Cynthia Ann Parker. has absolute ties here to. Charles good night actually is. One of the Texas Rangers. That the Cynthia, Parker is recaptured. He's she's Rica captured in the battle of the Peace River which was not a battle, and it was not at the Peace River. It was a the Mule Creek which is a tributary there. And it was not a battle at all it was. It was an absolute slaughter, but good. That was part of the Texas, Rangers they left from Fort Belknap to go to peace river. They recapture Cynthia Ann Parker and her daughter prairie flower. They take her to Camp Cooper, which would have been the next fort in line from here. She tries to escape from there. They! Bring your here because they're taking her to Fort Worth to reintroduce your with the Parker family. once they get her here is actually officers, wives and laundry that get her cleaned up and a little bit more pain, and so she's here for at least that before they go yup Yup. Yeah so I. Mean it all it all inter. Here's what you WANNA. Talk about these is Arnie's of history. There like what the Cannon? Only time it's used A. It was opposite of what it was supposed to be one of these little ironies of history. Charles good. That's part of the. Mob. They goes and gets or the Rangers. Clarify that part of the Texas Rangers they go in. Recapture Cynthia Ann Parker. Recapture is definitely in quotation, right? Well you know that's the thing rescue I. It was not a rescue according to her for her. Point of view was not a rescue but Charles as part of the Rangers that go in. Rescues recapture. Cynthia.

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