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Absolutely. I am not taking anything from algebra. Algebra will be the first one to tell you. That's not the way he wants to earn it. That's not the way he wants to earn becoming the number one bands wave the world fighters qualification. He wants to go out there and beat peter yawn and when he beats if he beats peter. Young october i'll one hundred percent rank him as the number one benched way in the world. You bring up a good point. Then i think the way it actually out. Now hold on hold on the it actually worked out is a perfect because i agree with everybody in that. This is sort of where the division is right now. The number one number one being tied the way the point systems actually worked out because a few different people had some of these gentlemen number three on their list so the way the point systems worked out as very bizarre but actually worked out really favorably for us but to me comes the whole argument comes back to an idea of we trust our own eyes right because we sort of had this discussion last month internally when it came to corey san hagan versa. Tj dillashaw where. There are several of us on the ricky panels. And i will say myself included. Who still have corey. San hanging ranked above tj dillashaw. Because i trust my own eyes. And i watched that fight and i don't care what the judges said corset. Hagen won that fight. The judge make bad call sometimes. This one isn't necessarily the same situation. Because peter yang that was that was the right call for algebra to get that win but still. I watched that fight and peter. Yon came away from it. Feeling as if peter yawn is the better fighter between the two and to me. That's the spirit of what all of this is about right. When you're watching this how do you how how to instinctively when you're eye test. That fight leaves me coming away from this feeling like periodic. The best number one bantamweight in the world and it would be different if algebra sterling say got some random knockout or some hail. Mary submission and he won then. Sure i'll give him that. And then i would give him that number one spot but the way that ended with so inconclusive in terms of their actual standing in the division that to me. I feel fully justified. Still saying that peterman is the best bantamweight in the world. I think look i. I understand what you're saying there But for the result matters. Now listen jet and i anyone. Who's either read misfits or even listen to jet jet night of have a debate on say between the links or everybody. Just talk on any other. May fighting programming knows we. We love cheating okay. We we've approved. We fully approve of cheating cheating hundred percent absolutely however will. We don't support janet. I think i'm speaking for both of us in the situation. We don't support is getting caught. Don't get caught. Don't cheat in such a way that literally cost you a world title like there has to be consequences if things and in our case again. Sorry keeping free in our case. Those consequences extend beyond not just losing his officially sanctioned. ufc shiny goal belts. The punishment extends to a number one spot and and and the the official global rankings of the world not be an oxymoron. I don't care. And so i don't know how you guys can look the other way and say well we're still to give you on the top spot it's okay. It's okay to get disqualified. You still you can still be number one. I just you come away feeling as if algebra and certainly the best bantamweight in the world i. I don't know if i'll say that. But i didn't. I didn't feel that. I didn't necessarily feel that was the best band and win the wall. Also forget let's also not forget. The rules play here guys because there's no consistency and this is putting this taking getting the rules. You just writing off jemaine. sterling's win. This is this is taking. This is taking the issue with the referees and the officials because when this same exact thing happened a couple years ago in a fight between dustin pori and eddie alvarez when eddie alvarez egregiously through two knees and basically knocked out does support and he couldn't continue they call that a no contest. Now at the time i argued so that should have been a disqualification. He was clearly down. Eddie knew he was throwing the knees and it should have been a disqualification dunno. It's a no contest. now there's no contests on his record set of a win. They ran it back and obviously dustin beat him and and the right guy one in this case now have a disqualification. The the inconsistency the rules about disqualification. What's i'm not saying. It's wrong to be a disqualification. Said there's no there's no consistency in the rules. So wandering qualification. everything's contests. I don't know who's right. Or who's wrong instance. Because nobody knows who's right or who's wrong in that instance so in this particular case. I agree with sean. The eye test is at that moment. Peter yang was winning. Should he be punished. And having this title take it away from sure but does that make you feel like. He's not still the best bands weight of the guys currently competing. No i still think he's there but again four weeks you now. We're going to get our answer five eight weeks you now. We're going to get our answer. We're gonna find out who is truly bent winning the world until you know. Eventually we see guys like tj dillashaw corey san. He can get that makes again but for now those guys will fight and we'll hopefully find out for sure in october. I don't i. I understand i agree. There's always issues with consistency when it comes to officiating. Judging what have you ever may. I just don't see how that's sterling's problem. I don't see why he should be penalized because of the nebulous. A officiating issues. That are ongoing. In this case it was clearly ruled. in a way that was favorable to him Maybe eddie should have who need who in the past terrible who need who in the warriors hours again and i need for you. Maybe four eight didn't milk it enough. Which is another thing..

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