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The new city. Roselle new jersey. When i got to school as a freshman everybody just thought i who participate in never heard them so. Football is my first loss. I played freshman football. They moved up the jv and the jv coach made me made me who so from never planned basketball to be in the worst play on. My team is a freshman in three years time being the number one player in the country and the way the reason why i was able to do that is because her heart. I work you know saying stayed in the gym like i aid. Slip drink basketball. You know what i'm saying. And i saw the success that i was able to have get into the league outta high school and then playing for sixteen years. You know what. I'm saying that my biggest thing. The reason why you know reason why i was able to play that long is because our had the perspective like somebody at a young boy trying to take take my job because i remember as a rookie coming in the locker room looking at dale davis in reggie miller and all them dues and thinking to myself like embedded in them. You know what. I'm saying. So i just always remember that and remember that the next kid coming behind me is gonna look at our air until i are hearing civilians that good. I'm going to take spot. So i took that same attitude into cannabis. You know what. I'm saying. So for me bro. Like a never satisfied. You got off the team like they always like bro. You got to really take a step back like acknowledge what you've built but for me is always always thinking of somebody coming right. What i'm saying so it is. Actually i think that. That's that's that's what i bought into cannabis to the point where like i'm not going to become complacent in my team not going to be complacent i think we arrived. And y'all work for this company. No more you understand what i'm saying. Like we gotta keep pushing this thing and especially because being a black company we gotta be ten times better than those other companies. Anyway you understand. What i'm saying. So i gotta i gotta be the attitude of the team. Everybody rate iraq man. You're doing a damn good job at must say I have question. What do you think about oregon Legalizing crack so. I'm announcing show. We open it up a mess shop and third but now it's crazy. Take one i mean to me man. You just think about it. Broke put in perspective. Like if i have a drug problem right. I need help. I don't need prison right so you send in jail because they choose to smoke weed or smoke crack. Open ever like to me once again. Is that free labor shit. That's the business side of the jail. Aso and i like about oregon is. They're very proactive. And they feel like they taught it. Move away from that. You know what. I'm saying. So i you know hats off to organ. We have a business oregon. You know what. I'm saying so. You can put up a legal crack house in oregon you can only do the distribute gas legitimate or. I don't think so. Because i don't think you could distribute it. I think that's what they lock you up. Fuck a band gap the legal vanda. I try well. Nobody should try it. But i'm just wondering unless you oregon. You know what i'm saying. You good to get caught with it. That's for sure desk crazy. Legal crack. House krakow's bro. Twenty definitely have a draft crack has got is she can mean and the ingenuity of the you know the drive in the wheel of someone who don't have no money in their pocket but find a way to smoke all day that she takes ingenuity best shit. Is there a talent. I mean i think it's a uso. I think it's a gift bro. If you wake up on e- every day and spend fifty dollars on credit still. How in the fuck can you net. Make it to the fortune five hundred. You know what i'm saying. Is you invite me what you've been exposed to expect of. Yeah man so. I think you know the the the the the best thing that i see you doing and sending an example. Send an example. I for young men who may have a skill or love for for sports like basketball but the seat on the other side of that career. You have to be have the forethought to know how to continue your legacy row. We special people men and we just to your point light is it's been four hundred years of keeping us down that we don't acknowledge that you know what i'm saying. Is you know when you think about all these other industries and inventions and different things like that. Bro was black people in the rooms. That's real you know what i'm saying but we never get another credit so they own never let us know hospice we are. We are brilliant. We ought original. You know what i'm saying. So i is is tough so now it's on us. People like to have a platform to continue to preach that to the youngsters learn. I'm saying we have to let them know like listen. This is our tom in america. We have resources you have support. You know what i'm saying meaning us. You know what i'm saying. And we have the allow. We have to continue to push them and start holding them accountable to be better. You know what i'm saying. I think the. I think we could actually do it. Because i've seen life is about are change. I've seen it. Life is about leverage. I mean like you said you you you have net only change those lives but you've you've had success that success gives you a certain amount of leverage. Use their liberty for what you to be good. You know what i'm saying. That's what changes were you saying. All of us have skills and talents and abilities and whatever it is. You know what i'm saying. They gives us a certain amount of leverage. And whatever it is we do use their leverage to affect the world in a way that it will benefit people besides us. That's what changed. That will keep pushing for sure. I mean and that what you doing. I appreciate it now. The you know Ambassador here at the end you know took long enough. Because i will also say the first person who ever told me about your company was was big wheel down for personal level. You know on roses and roses in. Yeah right stone's throw from the mercedes benz down but yeah he put he put me up on y'all a long time ago man when i hadn't really you know i hadn't really scratch beneath the surface in industry. You do what i'm saying Money was hit me in the face from other side of the room and get to sent since since. I'm an ambassador. Can you tell everyone what we'll be doing with our cares here bro. I mean we just gonna really just You know is going to have a lot of different focuses but it's all going to be focused on economic empowerment in creating opportunities for people that look like us You know i have a crazy vision of like rebuilding our neighborhoods. We're him him. You know what i'm saying. What with hemp hemp which is seat which is cannabis. Okay we're gonna. We're gonna grow cannabis that we're gonna turn it to him and we're going to rebuild neighborhoods. Okay wait a minute. So what would these hints like. They will replace the two by fours so instead of yes early your house. They'll make the how they make the house more economics motion all can. They can't smoke smoke with pitching three five out of here man right arrow. We're gonna we're gonna we're gonna. We're gonna rebuil- parks you know we're going to create different programs and the biggest thing we're going to do is we're going to educate saying that's gonna be the main thing. We just gotta continue to push our different narrative but really educating our youth to the opportunities that are available to them. You know in in this world was cannabis and other other different things but the real focus is really on you. Know trying to empower our community. Like i said do economic development and I'm excited and bro. Really take my hat off. And thank you for trusting me and this company to want to be a part of. Because i know you important that any company but being black on company and having someone like you means a lot is really going hours to you know really allow voice to really get out there. And i'm really excited about that opportunity to work which land and it's definitely mutual growth. We go. we go to work together. Digging the sand so Also go get your social equity shares the viol a coup brand collab- We put you know what i'm saying. We put that together over the summer. You know saying Quick to men were put a collaboration and out to people hands in like two weeks. They're absolutely had to be done. We just we both wanted to. We always wanted to fuck around. We'll just wanted to hair somewhere i i. you know. Collaborative effort together. So yeah i get that right now. Go to their website now now here expeditiously. We have a tradition edge. Addition is a word of the week. Okay so we're going to select a word and you know the word comes from. I guess the conversation or inspired by guess But this time. I come from not necessarily you come from the world of drugs In the world today is synthetic okay. Synthetic means made by chemical synthesis especially to imitate a natural pro. Now we're going to do is we're going to use this in the senate so people could hear the word nigger go off and use. It pretended they knew it the whole time. They'll give us no credit. But that's i don't we here for al is a champion. For natural inhaling cannabis properties therefore by viola doesn't use any synthetic products diego saying so issued his own match at the ground out around the grand turbo pains if we do vape pens and different things like that. Use natural cannabis turpin right paul soil. Now that you really get at the mood again. I a little look. I appreciate the Ahead years upon and Proud to be to ambbassador viola and We go we go push this sheet. Do the more effective clouds bought listening. Shit show you motherfucker. Smoking nash street. We bought the reason. We bought the rebuild community if it evaluates the white man thank you guessing design news mash show expeditiously will be available on spotify. And it's free. If you really listening to music by the fact now you can listen to the podcast into saying place. Thanks for listening to expeditiously with me. Cip don't forget to subscribe at apple. Podcasts and podcasts. 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