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Perimeter. He was. Was there? Probably there is there last year for sure. Yeah. I'm sure you're listen to k SPN loss asthma. Some of the radio makes sense. Yeah. Braiding makes sense. Because I mean, these guys make this makes sense to but some not really buying it to their fashion. If that's what this is about if it's a an art gallery for fashion and all this from buying them today fashion. I mean saquon Barkley was there. Thank mark. I handle his look was dated though. Yeah. That was what's gonna? Tuxedo? The I well I actually wore well, you're not him. Well, I'm just letting you know, my people we've been for rail we've been doing this for a minute. So I wore the the short and blazer outfit push like three years ago at the SP channel for in the Bron followed after me. Beat you to it. When he do he did it several years ago at ask like the suit but with the test. Okay. Was saying so you see for rail did in an outside thin. It was like come on, man. Does anybody just roll in regularly? Or is that not how you go to the met? I mean, you weird when you do there was a picture of a black tux pitcher Trevor Noah, and he was dressed like normal normal like glue Pattro, she say yellow looks like a bright yellow something like a down would nice. I was like you lost. Gala which gonna maitre d. About of Drake's valet parking janitor like a valid. What do you have a red jacket? You just had all like a Keith look like a Dicky's, Dicky's or members only co essay. But right. He did. I get a members only I come home. Maroon I had a plaque. Now there were a couple lady Gaga she like a big red splash. There's Katie Peres, Katie paparazzi. Good Morning, America. I also really like dressed as Cinderella. That was a was diet than Donna ninety era. Boy who Iran will be there. You know, he's. Yeah. He was. Yeah. But his pairs were cut. Right. The break was too big. If you look at it. Yeah. You gotta that's that's played that big break who was the one. I showed up in chair the when you send us. Dalley Billy hill. Billy order that was a lot really weren't Oscars. Yeah. Yeah. Attention. I mean, he. Let us also consistent with what who'll eat only who he who is he he's a Broadway. Go ahead. So, you know. That's no, I'm not saying, no, I'm done done, Billy. Go ahead is a he's a he's a legendary Broadway performer, but he's also the star of FX show called pose which is really what drag culture, and so he's supposed to represent all of that. When he starts to you know, when you step it out. He's rolling. He's gotta keep that going going big. He's going back. Many got did you see today? Dea no Sheila McCann ice ice witch like from. Did not though I was looking at us for the bath Elsa. I was like many go. What's going on narnia? Keys headline of today gala here job keep like one day. We just get dressed vote against that. You'd be one. Look it up record. What are you gonna wear Janice? Dominic is sue is still on the street last year. The Rams signed him for one year, fourteen and a half million dollars, and he was somewhere between okay?.

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