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Couldn't. Do you know what it meant? No. Go to the office, and then it was swats. And I never looked really. It was the first day. That's the first time preschool. I got a woman the first day I said with grade. I mean, what happened? In 7th grade, I got blasted on the first day of school. First day of school, first day school is set to president for not only that year. The rest of your life. Pretty well. And why did you get? Well, man, we went from this. You know, you always had a desk. But in the science class, they had a table there so it was two folks to the table. And my buddy Greg Hayes was sitting with me. That was a mistake. You are not lying. Because he whispered to him. I trust him with my life, but what happened was, what it was, was we were talking. And the teacher. I can't remember now. Which one I was talking about? I think that you can't quite recall. I assume it was Greg. Anyway, there's he just said, are y'all talking? And I mean, immediately you would think he's saying, you know, stop. No, sir. He's like, you told me a lot. I go, stay in the hole. I thought, wow, this is harsh. I'm facing a good set outside. Well, I go outside, I'm standing on the wall. Well, the same too bad. And then he walks out with the paddle. This is got serious. First day. First day, he said, three days or three leagues. I said, give me three legs. Three days of what? Of going home? No. Yeah. That's exactly what they want to know what they did down where you're from same here. Yeah, that's the kind of stuff they did in Hatfield too. So I'm never a never got whoopings at school. I was sent to the principal's office one time for defending my friend, Donald Myers. Donald, somebody was jumping on Donald Trump. I saw it from a long ways away. Made me mad. And I went over. He's like slow motion off with the guy kind of wrestled with it. You did. And the teacher saw, she was like, go to the office. And so we went and stood by the office and I thought my life was over. Yeah. The bell rang in the principal came out and was like, y'all go to class. And so just took off. You know what? You know what I did, though? I went and told Gary Newcomb. I just don't tell. I want you to know. I was sent to the principal's office today. Number one, if that boy from kindergarten says I cuss. I didn't. This was first grade. So this was the next year. Nervous about getting busted for. Hey, welcome to the burgers render. I have no conscience. Man, I'm very, very excited about today. We have some one very special guest. Everybody else here has been here multiple times. We're gonna start we're gonna go counter clockwise. To my right, Brett Reeves. Hey, buddy. Man, good to see you. Just get back from bear camp. Yeah. We're going to talk about that. We talk about some bear camp here in a little bit. Yummy. Isaac Neil in the old, you're like an old hat now angry surrender. Working on just, I'm going to move into your house. You got some spare rooms now, so pack a duffel next time. So he was a bear camp too Dan. Awesome. We're gonna save our mystery guest to the end. Skipping over the mystery guest, misty newcombe, welcome, misty. I also was at barricade. She was. Yes. I wondered why I didn't get a bad camera. It was Friends. Hey, listen. If I had more places to bear hunt, I would invite all of you. You know, I take it personally. And to miss these right, Daniel root. Doctor Dan root, good to see you, man. Happy to be here. Brent, do you mind giving us a audio tour of Daniel's attire? He's looking pretty sharp today. Daniel's hair is parted in the middle. It's look very aerial air aerodynamic. His beard is full, and I see no gray hair in there that from this, oh, a little patch. I see a little patch. But he's dressed in a blue plaid shirt with a tie. He's got a tie tack. Is that a half Windsor or a full Windsor? That is. Go ahead. This is a glimpse and this right there is a cast is this. Is it glimpse into misty's life right here? Mister tells the story. Here's the story. Yeah. He's also got on blue jeans, some kind of cowboy boots, and a belt buckle, the size of small child. Something about old Fort Worth. Oh four days rodeo old fort days. Let's go buckles from 19 79. No way. That's the year that you were born in 79. My birth first. No. I'm older. No, I've always been over taller and better looking. Oh, man. Wow. I was dancing. I don't know. Everybody knows that dang it. I don't know how you don't teach math dude. You just gave me taller and better looking than me. I am slightly older. We voted. You know, I just want to applaud Dan that the hairline is special. It's kind of feathered and my kids know uncle Dan best for being the guy who went a decade without brushing your hair? I still don't brush my hair. It just falls down now. It does. It didn't for a long time. It went straight up for a long time. It was in my youth that was extra Henry. Okay, now it's calm down. Hey, okay. Our mystery guest. Sitting directly in front of me is my uncle Mike Schultz. Mike, it is an honor to have you here. I say hi to everybody, Mike. Hey, everybody. So it's good to be here. So I've got to give an introduction to Mike Schultz. Mike went with me. Number one, he's here because he went with me to Arizona three or four weeks ago whenever it was when we went to meet Warner Glenn. So that's what we're going to talk about on this podcast is Warren or Glenn. So Mike went down there with me and Mike schulz was the one who had to have been close to 20 years ago. I mean, when you first told me about your friend, Jey ducard, who had photographed and had these friends who were the glens and they were mountain lion hunters and his daughter hunted with him and they had mules and they were you told me about them years and years ago and showed me photos of them. And I just always thought, wow, that's so cool. And then just this year, it kind of all came together and you went with me down there. And Mike is a to say Mike is a photographer. Anymore, it's pretty easy to be a photographer. Like I have occasionally said, yeah, I'm a photographer, you know, because I have a nice camera and take photos and stuff. Mike Schultz has aside from his professional career which he was a dentist. So he is a doctor as well. We can go home doctor Schultz. He is dedicated his life to photography to a pretty big portion of his world. It might tell us just a little bit about the type of photography you focused on. Well, for the beginning of my career, it was pretty much landscape oriented. And I did that with large box cameras with big film holders and that kind of thing. I did that for probably 25 years. And then I started working professionally, mostly because I had an interest in large industry and then I started using smaller cameras and getting more interested in industry and what goes on in large industry like steel mills or foundries in that type of thing. And that's been the pretty much the focus of my work. Since then, although I still do some landscape work as well, but most of it is more centered around industry and the workers and the work that they do. Mike has traveled around the world. He got a Guggenheim. Right. Do you.

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