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One hundred seventy five high quality online programs like this one. Find your purpose at grand canyon university physics dot. Edu welcome back. We're talking with buzzfeed's. Chris taurus about some of the most recent medical talks that have gone viral. Okay so christina. Talk about your interview with the rain cardenas about their jaw surgery. They got the surgery to straighten their top jaw and they went supervisor on. Tiktok for documenting the aftermath. Can you break down on my goodness. I did not know this was actually like a common thing. I thought okay. This add to the surgery had gone wrong. I wish you could see the pictures but actually maybe it's probably better that you don't see the pictures because whatever you're imagining in your imagination the pain and what you can see on. Her face is worse than whatever you can imagine. So basically what happened was she was just getting this routine jaw surgery and unfortunately you know. There is swelling. she her doctor. Dense issue had more swelling than they ever anticipated but she started making these talks just showing. How much pain she was in. She can barely talk. she's in agony. And you know what we love about tiktok. Everyone was there to kind of follow her journey and help lift her up. And be like you're gonna get through this. But her whole face was just so puffy and black and blue on his lee there was actual Like actual dentists do adding are and being like. We're hoping speedy recovery. Unfortunately this is just you know this is what can happen during joe surgery and you just kind of have to wait it out but for her. It was intensely painful so much so that she had to go to the er after the first night events. So she's doing better now but she also has to get another one. So that's just something that is one of those things where it it's just very painful and you know what she was just kind of showing everybody you know. This is the reality of what jaw surgery. Looks like you know. Yeah and i think that's really importing you know we talked about dry scooping and stuff like that so we have this range on tiktok of lake trends. And you're like maybe don't do this. Here's the site x and then we have other things that are like hey in case you don't know this is what jaw surgery looks like. This is what the experience is. And you know i. It's important for support not just from the community but from medical professionals who can offer help like in the comments. So what did raina say about the recovery process online. And what's the response been like that. They've gotten back so that one awesome things about tiktok. Is people go on there. Just posting videos of their selves in a certain moment and raina ended up going on and they just thought. This is kind of an outlet behind the scenes blog. Never thinking that it would go viral that anyone would see it and they just posted it and it immediately got people's attention just because it was one of those shocking reality type situations but also the support from people if you re to all the comments. Everybody is so supportive in nice. Like i said. Experts works reaching out and encouraging them. The best on the recovery and all of that so it was really cool to see. That's one of the things we love to talk is the community of all dangerous. Trend dry scooping. But then there's also this whole you know supportive community. Everybody was reaching out and they said that that was basically why coasting more but also why it helps the healing process because they were able to lay in bed and get on there and read all of the positive comments so to doctors really. Is this awesome community of people. So i want to switch gears and just talk about one final really important topic in your youtube series. Find the facts. You delve into everything related to ivf or in vitro fertilization. So first off. Can you just remind us what the general procedure entails and the process that someone goes through as thirty something woman. I've been so curious about the effort so long. And i had been seeing tiktok showing you know the process under a microscope. But i really didn't understand you know exactly how it worked. It looked super painful. And so as i was talking to marie of anti about it she was basically explaining the process to me about how you know. They put you leave. They retrieve your eggs and they're able to pick the best ones out and inject his firm into the egg and then after a couple days of just station it's ready to be placed inside the woman in. that's how it grows. I didn't wanna touch on the fact that she talked about freezing your eggs because like i said as a woman in her thirties. Don't wanna kid anytime soon. But maybe one day i would the process of freezing her eggs. She says that unfortunately it's not as widely known but she said that you're in your thirties. You should consider freezing your eggs and you should definitely do it or the age of thirty seven because when you talk about having kids after thirty five. The risk of chromosome really abnormal eggs increases. And you know it can lead to pregnancy complications and things like that. So it's something to think about like one other thing that was super interesting to me to was also that sperm to decrease with age which we always hear you know that. Oh it's always the women's eggs but then hearing that sperm quality decreases with age was also like one of those things where i'm like finally something that's like equal for us. But she basically said that if a person of the pena's over age forty they have a higher chance of having a child with autism or other genetic mutations so freezing sperm is something that men do what we really only hear about freezing eggs you know and then there defrosted at a later date. Ibs or what have you. You can also start freezing your sperm. You.

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