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It was it was too soon to bring her back, but she was giving us colluded. When a girl gives you Qaluwa invite her back. There was a character named Kalou and bridesmaids, and I thought it was the funniest name. Grow that were store. The Kristen rig worked out there. Like, she was like look at colusa. Look she's down. Becquerel is my favorite thing to do. In writing script is give wacky games. Yeah. Just like for no reason, not explained. It's just the Adora. That's who it is. Kalou was also the name of Rachel drafters character in the America's next top model. Scott. That James Anderson, and James Anderson is the master of name's Tia mornings. TM more getting FANG. I love Tia born. True. I know now, it's it's very, it's okay. Funded in front of the problems is is a door the doors. Utera love that love that who came up with wolf e Sean I had a dream eight years ago and woke up, and she's like, hyper mystical lady, and she's like our kids name is going to be wealthy. Finley Woolsey Woolsey. Yeah. I love that. And and I also had been like meditating on that name since I was young because I always had a crush in Jennifer love Hewitt, but then on party of five Scott wolf would have sex with her. So I did the thing. I don't did. You guys do that. Where you like have a crush on the guy that's having sex the girl touched the guy the times. Yes. So I was like I love Scott wolf on his Kessler. Kesse method. Scott wolf actually is so hot though, and we've forgotten I bumped into him in an airport. And you were like I used to rub it like us. I'm not touch myself. 'cause I said I was busy. But about you if the kids. The book. Really just picture her hugging out. I would have fantasies of like we would go to Cancun. This specific one fantasy that I would just like an play. And the ribbons would turn, and we would be laying by the pool, and you know, people would come in recognize her and talk, but we would not have time for them. Not always would hit on us. But it'd be too busy with our friendship and still still platonic at this point still. I was in my mind. I was like it's just would be the friendship of a lifetime. Down to like her holding. I would picture her holding me in the way her breasts would feel against my body. And And I was just like. I was just like we would be buddies friends I used to do the same. Sometimes I it's true. Like, especially at that age when you're young age. You're like, you don't get to just I mean, you can't just go out and be a little ho. I mean. Now the touch of another. It was just such a rare thing. So I would just remember I would hug my male friends and like Billy the another another. That's another good title touch of another should just be Soleil, there should just be gay schools. Right. Like schools were like schools were just queer. It's it's all clear schools were culturally. It's fine to dislike everyone at the everyone at the dance therapy be so much hold on and possess onset. I guess you're saying you want segregation a little bit. Yeah. I want. Separate but equal like, I say, I think when it comes to queer folks, if should be like, isn't this the thing where our growth is at least are my sexual growth is stunted. And what you're saying where it's like if you just had that access at an earlier age. You're like playing out high school loves just maybe in a way. Yeah. But also just you're getting your get it's to scale it's too like it's separate but equal. It's like you're I don't have any like if your kid is gay. Do you want them to go to a school of only gay people know because I think diversity mix? The key to the goody goody goody. There you go. Okay..

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