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Public shaming campaigns that are built by. And so you've been publicly shamed. Those things did contribute Trump winning. But as I say, I don't think you should go adult. We should. Worry about to worry about that too much. Because we've got we have bigger fish to fry. And except I don't feel that we can deal with the problem without acknowledging the conditions that lead to eight in terms of a yes looking for a solution. I feel like a so of a lot of ethical ground was conceded. That's not being ignored a mean to you know, why? And like, I'm not claiming to be an expert in Slava, orange juice pick, which is just a passing, quote, I've met Saad lighter. Meet him. I do. It was like we show to stay at the Sydney Opera House together. So we we shared a stage. And I said something that autumn go on I can't remember. So as about story, but I remember off stage. He got a little annoyed with fee. Somebody could get annoyed. Mm to stay in the he's. Doc pinnacle of his intellect for WalMart got up on both of my. Usually, it would be sort documentary keeps his pants and socks in the knife and fork drawing. I've never really got beyond that. I'm by the way. I'm what you're saying is true to those who do not remember history condemned repeater. And in fact, I noticed just the other day when the government shutdown ended in America. They did exactly the same thing. CNN was wolf Blitzer. Nancy Pelosi was giving her speech, and they cut so frantically away from it for one Trump started his speech, and it was just I just thought that's that's a dark echo of what's happening in two thousand sixteen do think like put simply it's that in spite of the posturing around. Liberal positions. Actually, what they care about is entertainment, and possibly there are aspects of liberalism itself that is opposed. That's not underwritten by any deep concern for some of the issues the spoken about he's talked. I know my friends we've ended Myers of Adam Kerr Ason. Something comes up a lot with him. Yeah. Yes. I'm to. Bri. I mean, it's true. They and Trump says it himself and it's true lie. The the right things are going through the roof because of him. And we. MSNBC may may hate him. But they're really benefiting from him. I am curious about the psychological foresees the underpinning this in a sense of like or culture or politics is passing through the consciousness of human beings created by us. It's a response to our feelings. And I sometimes wonder what bigger trends are at work. It seems to me that the process by which you said leader might get in just let in multiple bloody curiosity by disease into that. You're looking for stories that allude to bigger ideas. There was a time when you were very it seemed to me very interested in meaning and stories that were outside of the mainstream, and and your choice now to ten in storage out pornography is I suppose there's a good web two of ethics and curious places where you find different types of the morality of the man that's making the porn. Sort of like you say, it's a straight up guy. Exactly. And then the hypocrisy of the outsiders who consume porn, but at the same time, you don't wanna know at its dot hypocrisy that then allows a piece to flourish and NS an Uber reason brilliant book about their shaming like that. Like, I suppose is that because we are starting to understand the true necessary the true, but an aspect of social media culture and let because what is the gravity of that. If it starts off as something that we're also friendly, and it's kind of cozy. I remember friend of mine saying it started off like it was like if it was a physical space. If it was a nice pob that you went there. And then you went they went off cells. Horrible. You just would stop going to that. You know, I remember at the time a couple of people Graham, Linda hand and Rebecca Watson, third American poed Costa..

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