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Good day and welcome to episode two hundred sixty of live happy now. This is Paula Phelps. And this week we are going to tap into our creative side. Using our creativity is a proven way to increase our personal well-being. It can put you in a positive mood and that starts an UPWARD SPIRAL. That makes you feel more creative. And thereby further increases your happiness for somehow life creeps in and takes over the time. We'd love to spend exploring creatively before we know it. We feel like we've lost touch with our creative side entirely. This week's guest is an expert in tapping into creativity. Martha Alderson is an author who also works with bestselling authors Hollywood directors artists and performers all over the world to help them find their creativity. Now you can try this at home. Her New workbook boundless. Creativity is a one month exploration into your creative side. So let's hear what Martha has to say about it. Martha welcome to live happy. Now thank you for inviting me. I'm thrilled to be here. This is such a great work book that you've written for us. And what a great time for us to work on our creativity. It seems like it. I know that a lot of people are under enormous stress for all sorts of reasons because of the virus but if people do have free time and they're looking fill it creatively. I think by going through the program in the workbook. It's just a great way to let go of. That's happening around us. All the news all the problems of the world and just sink into your creativity and into really your spirit sh and who you are at your core beyond all the material things the problems and everything else so. I think it would be a great place for people to spend some time. We'll obviously when you wrote it. He didn't say hey. I think everyone's going to have a couple of months you know. So what was your decision behind writing it in the first place? Well I been a plot consultant for about thirty years for riders every story whether it's a memoir scream player. A novel has to have a plot and I'm passionate about empowering women's voices and women traditionally have had a lot of trouble with plot because it's a very linear logical progression and of Women. Writers are highly creative somewhat disorganized and are very interested in character development. But they don't really get plot in so. I just became passionate about teaching everybody but it seemed like it turned out to be the majority of women and then in doing that. It soon evolved into working with all kinds of creative people because what I found is we're all sort of on the same universal path. It's a universal story. That has certain markers in them that we pass through along the way. And what I found is that it's great when you're in the creative muse and everything's flowing in your feeling that euphoria of feeling like a conduit or a medium for the creative news to come through you. But at some point we stumble and all of a ten. We read over what we wrote. Are we look at the painting we painted and think? Oh my gosh you know. It's not what I thought it was going to be. And we started to doubt ourselves and self sabotage come up with sorts of reasons why we should put the project aside or give up or whatever and this is especially true for anyone who has perhaps suffered what. I call a backstory wound. Which is something that has traumatized them? In some way you know it can be a divorce or apparently being when you're a child or some kind of abuse or whatever and that really influences what we say to ourselves about our worthiness in our capabilities and our potential and that really interferes with the creative flow. All of a sudden that flow is stymied and our spirits. Can't really get through to be able to give us the support and the encouragement that we deserve. I wanted to write a workbook to be able to help people to become unblocked it to be able to get rid of all this self doubt and insecurities and unworthiness and to really live a life of passion and excitement and happiness joy and that really is something that I'm devoted to and with this workbook. You really prepare us for what we're going to do. It does such a wonderful job of asking these deep thoughtful questioned. Where did that come from over the course of time? Did you develop that? These are the questions that are going to help drive us into our creative selves. Well I think it's just sort of evolved over the last thirty years or so probably my whole life to tell you the truth but when I came up with the idea of the universal story I had a really hard time bringing it down to the concrete was very cereal and spiritual in all of that but once I started writing more about it and seeing these parts you know the beginning the middle and the end it really correlates with the Hero's journey that Joseph Campbell came up with but I take it a step further and called the universal story because I see it in not just what we move through as humans on our human path but nature you know the seasons of the year the moon cycles plants growth animal cycles. All these things have the same beginning middles and ends. And if you're aware of where you are on that journey and what's expected of you. It just makes the journey easier. Yeah I did want to talk about the universe story and can I guess you explain a little bit of that is Kinda give us a reader's digest version of what the universal story is so it. Is this energetic? Pathway that moves through everything this is what. I believe anyway and we travel along on this. So if you're at the beginning of the universal story at any point of your life you're in a comfortable place where you know what the expectations are. You're doing okay. Everything is moving along but at some point something happens that thrusts you into an exotic world of the unknown. Something you're not prepared for. It could be this virus. It could be all sorts of things as simple as when kids go off to college. You're moving from a comfortable world into an unknown world where you're not sure what the rules are what the expectations will be. And that's the middle becomes is a ground for learning. And as you're doing that many times you come to a place of crisis that things don't turn out the way that you expect them to. You know if we're going to go with the analogy of college you flunk all your courses you lose your funding whatever happens in. It's the dark night of the soul where you want to give up in. Everything turns stark. And you're in this GORTEX and once you come out of that if you learn what happened and why and all the skills and the abilities that you need in order to prevail you then make the essent rather quickly to your triumph or the climax which is where you're able to do something you kind of done at any other time or place in your life but because of everything you suffered through in the middle you learned the skills the strength the passion the whatever it is you needed to learn in order to do this thing that comes at this triumphant moment and then you cycle back through and you start at the beginning again of something else and you go back through this pathway again and how knowingness going through this journey really open us up and connect us to our creativity. Well it's so what happens is when you start creative project at the beginning. You have a certain amount of confidence. That's why you're undertaking it. You think oh I'm gonNA write the great American novel and I've got this great idea in this great character and you sit down and start writing. Well once you start writing you then can move into this middle portion or something may happen. You know you'll join a critique group and they'll just trash your work and say what are you talking about and so then that becomes the learning ground. That's the place we have to learn about characters about plot about pacing and dialogue. And all of these things that are expected of you as a creative writer and that brings up a lot of emotions that brings up self-doubt emotional traps negative. Thinking all of those things that can stop us and and being a consultant. I found that so often that most gifted writers that I worked with wanted to give up because they didn't believe in themselves and so their spiritual journey became learning how to believe in themselves trust in the process and go the distance to be able to find that place of joy again which then comes at the end as you're coming up to your triumph but lots of times. You have to go through a really really dark time to be able to. Shed all of the stuff that's holding you back. You just have to go into the cauldron and have everything burned off in order for you to free yourself to be able to do what you came here to do. And does it help just knowing that? That's all part of it. Yes yes because instead of saying Oh my God. This is horrible inside all right. This is just part of the process and this is what needs to happen and this is where I am. Look at where I.

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