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To wear masks New York City transit interim president Sarah Feinberg told ten ten wins there's no reason for writers not to have a mask on it somehow after all day if you forgot your master may be falling out of your pocket or maybe the elastic broke we've got extra math for you in the station but if you lose your masters go to the booth and ask for an extra one officials are asking employers to stagger work hours to reduce crowding on trains and platforms a new report finds the vast majority of complaints about mistreatment of youth by the NYPD stemmed from police encounters with black children the civilian complaint review board says nearly two thirds of youth complaints involve children of color including many stop for so called innocuous activities it highlights several instances of racial profiling the release comes amid ongoing nationwide protest calling for more police accountability the NYPD says it's following recommendations to prevent over policing of minority youth New York has extended the deadline to submit absentee ballots up until the day of the election governor Cuomo signed the legislation yesterday which allows primary ballots to be counted if they're postmarked by June twenty third voters can still go to the the polls in person the city's board of elections is expected to mail out about four million absentee ballots in total the governor will also issue an executive order extending the deadline for school districts to receive school budget balance and the New York times says its editorial page editor James Bennet has resigned that's after outrage over an op ed by a Republican senator who advocated using military force to quell protests around the country Bennett had defended publishing the piece but admitted he didn't read it beforehand sometimes journalists said it endangered black employees and called in sick to protest an internal review found the piece did not meet the paper standards Bennett's resignation is effective immediately well we've got a couple of beautiful days in front of us.

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