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But we were in a lot better fuel entire situation in those guys and that cautionary came at a good time that really drove them to pay it but we're all short on fuel here so now we're kind of back squared up so hopefully it'll go green the rest the name all make another drink like stop all right that's the thoughts of Adam Stevens open everybody else has to stop the caution flags kind of threw a monkey wrench in his plans but Lacy admits he's confused as well but as many races as he's one I'm gonna go with his strategy and AJ you think a lot like Adam because you were calling that while we were in the break and then reaffirmed by crew chief Adam Stevens with Winston Kelly you said you know what he's probably banking on the fact that the rest of the field can't go the distance then it doesn't matter whether they come to pit road right now or not yeah we know that Kyle Busch as a fast race car so if he gets a clean restart here leads off a turn one he's gonna have clean air probably start stretch it out what he's what Adam Stevens is talking about is he's banking on that nobody in this field can stretch their fuel mileage if we stay green the rest the race where everybody has one more time so Kyle Busch gets to lead does a splash gets out there just like everybody has to then that's how they're going to win this race but the problem is if somebody in this mid pack starts save enough fuel and they're able to stretch it and go the distance they're going to win this race and right now I am showing in Winston Kelly will confirm laid around that the last time Kyle was on pit road would be lap eighty five so he can probably go to what one thirty one thirty two maybe one thirty five we'll find out here we go off turn number three looking for the green flag up front row one will call teammates Kyle Busch and Erik Jones Denny.

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