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All about to you guys. Yeah. It was it was. All right. Yeah. Right. I'm sure it's fine. Like, I don't know why there's more they make you feel bad for the bad guy so much that it doesn't feel like you don't give a shit at the end when they fight, you know, why did decreed fide like? A handicapped person all seen it. Yeah. Yeah. He fought a guy in a wheelchair and. Nice wheel. Drug goes kid. He fought dry drama. Why do we care about him? Because his mother didn't talk to them or something anyone seen it. I bet there's a lot of people. Drag owes mother doesn't talk to. Drag. Oh, like what the fuck. Yeah. So. Yeah. Like so after drug lost day like all of Russia. Sad. Yeah. And so then empathize with his experience like rough as opposed to just being broken Russian piece of shit. Yeah. I don't need. What's with that guy? Yeah. Anyway. People people random shit during this show. Andrew don't worry about it. I like it. You don't have to handle it can stand up. What you just move on? Nicky. What was the last movie? You saw a star is born. Impression hair thought face. No. I really thought that I thought lady Gaga. I just thought her I didn't love it. I gave it a solid B minus. I don't know. I wasn't swept away in it. I just thought they had amazing chemistry. Definitely think they've had sex. Like one hundred percent sure that Bradley Cooper and lady Gaga bad socks. 'cause we kept the dog. Right. What he did that? The dog so much. I'm gonna take it home with me. Holds. Scene. Of course, you fall in love with that dog. We're all supposed to like, oh my God. He's such as a guy. The dog. Like, of course, everything else said that he liked he took home dog. I have. No, I have. No, I just their chemistry was off the charts. And it was just the way she talks about them on the talk shows. You're just like something went down. So I like that about it. I can your monkey your Gog on Prussian. About about Bradley Cooper. And how great he is. You know? Well, the thing about proudly as one hundred hundred people can be in a room and one person does it most of the people in that room. Go know what the fuck you're talking about with this analogy over and over. But if one person does. Bradley Cooper, Bradley Cooper..

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